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a modesplit $\sigma $-coordinate numerical
ocean model

Version 4.0
November 12, 2003

Jarle Berntsen
Department of Mathematics
University of Bergen
Johs. Bruns gt. 12
N-5008 Bergen, Norway

Abstract. The user guide presents the governing equations for the ocean model and the $\sigma $-coordinate transformation. The spatial discretizations, the FORTRAN variables and the numerical routines for propagating the solutions in time are described. To implement the model for a new model area or model problem, the user has to define the model area, the driving forces, boundary conditions and his/her choice of model outputs. The user guide tries to assist a new user through these steps. Instabilities are frequently occurring when running ocean models. Variables and parameters that may or must be adjusted to avoid these are discussed. The model implemented for the fjord system around Osterøy close to Bergen, Norway, is freely available and may be used as a starting point for new applications.

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Helge Avlesen 2004-05-10