The CIPR Virtual Outcrop Geology Group

Welcome to the website of the Virtual Outcrop Geology (VOG) group, a research group based in the Centre for Integrated Petroleum Research (CIPR). The group focuses on the study of geological outcrops to address reservoir related challenges, and specializes in the acquisition of outcrop data using novel collection techniques such as lidar and ground-based hyperspectral scanning. A key aspect of the data collection is the building of geocellular reservoir models from outcrops. The majority of work is focused on clastic systems, especially the high quality outcrops of central Utah, although the group has undertaken work in nine countries, covering virtually every type of depositional system and structural setting.

The group was formed in 2004 with the goal of expanding the quantitative application of outcrops in reservoir characterization. Building on previous studies at CIPR, a large grant from the Research Council of Norway allowed the group to acquire its ground-based lidar system, and develop techniques for the utilization of laser scan data in geology.

Our largest current project is the SAFARI reservoir modelling database project. We are also working with MPS modelling, shoreface architecture in the Book Cliffs, and process based modelling of deep water systems. The group is supported by the FORCE Sed/Strat consortium of 18 oil companies, the Research Council of Norway, Roxar and Schlumberger, and has current research collaboration with a number of other groups, including the Norwegian Computer Centre, IRIS, the stratigraphy group at the University of Liverpool, and the Universities of Barcelona, La Plata, Dresden, and Imperial College London.

This site includes information on the VOG Group: its current members and their research; the group's equipment base; past projects and other useful information. If you need further information feel free to contact us.

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