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13/11/2015: The 2nd Virtual Geoscience Conference will take place in Bergen, 22-23/09/2016!

*New paper
02/11/2015: Denk et al. in EJRS: see publications.

*New paper
21/10/2015: Lecomte et al. in Interpretation: see publications.

*New paper
30/07/2014: Eide et al in AAPG Bulletin: see publications.

*Open Geomatics Specialist Position
28/05/2014: position now closed.

*Open PhD Position
21/05/2014: position now closed

*VOG Group at the Christie Conference 2014
24/04/2014: see here. We have a huge exhibition stand, which will allow us to show off all our activities to a wide audience!

*SAFARI in Spain
01/04/2014: Just back from the SAFARI project sponsor meeting, this time in Spain. More info coming soon.

*New paper
27/03/2014: Sima et al in PHOR: see publications.

*VOG Group has two entries on TU's list of important technologies in the oil industry
20/03/2014: see here. We're not quite sure where it came from, but it's good to see that both the lidar and hyperspectral work have been recognised:-).

*New paper
07/08/2013: Rittersbacher et al in Geol Soc SP: see publications.

*Remote Sensing paper
24/04/2013: New paper by Sima and Buckley: see publications.

*Two new Drs
15/03/2013: Congratulations to Andreas and Aleksandra for defending their PhDs.

*New paper in Computers & Geosciences
11/03/2013: Buckley et al. published in C&G: see publications.

*Computers & Geosciences
02/01/2013: Paper by Sima et al. in C&G: see publications.

*IJRS paper
05/11/2012: Paper by Kurz et al. in IJRS: see publications.

*New papers
18/08/2012: Two new papers published, see: publications.

*ISPRS 2012
13/06/2012: We will be present at the ISPRS Congress in Melbourne in August:

*New paper
01/04/2012: Paper by Braathen et al. in NJG: see publications.

* launched
01/01/2012: A new website for the SAFARI project is launched.

*BSRG 2011
21/12/2011: We presented at BSRG at Imperial College, London.

*New paper
05/10/2011: Paper by Kurz et al. in Sedimentology: see publications.

*IAMG 2011 Salzburg
31/08/2011: We presented at the IAMG conference in Salzburg (5-9 Sept).

*PhD position
27/06/2011: We advertised for a PhD student in sedimentology or remote sensing. The application process is now closed.

*New paper
06/06/2011: Paper by Kurz et al. in The Photogrammetric Record: see publications page. The journal issue's frontispiece also features images from this work.

*AAPG 2011 Houston
25/03/2011: We will present at the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition:

  • A. Rittersbacher et al., Controls on fluvial channel belt architecture from the Cretaceous Blackhawk Formation of eastern Utah (Wed 13 April, 2.40pm in room 370).

*EGU 2011 Vienna
15/03/2011: Two presentations will be given at EGU:

  1. A. Rittersbacher et al., Using helicopter-based laser scanning to analyse controls on fluvial channel belt architecture in the Blackhawk Formation, eastern Utah, USA (Mon 04 April, Session SSP1.2)
  2. .
  3. T. Kurz et al., 3D modelling of geological outcrops using combined terrestrial laser scanning and hyperspectral imaging (Fri 08 April, Session GI-12)
  4. .

*Hr. Dr. Kurz
31/01/2011: Congratulations to Tobias Kurz for passing his PhD defence!

*New paper
27/01/2011: Petroleum Geology Conference proceedings: see publications.

*PhD Defence
11/01/2011: Tobias Kurz will defend his PhD thesis "Integration of ground-based hyperspectral and lidar scanning in virtual outcrop geology". A summary (in Norwegian) is here. The event will take place in Auditorium 5, Realfagbygget at 10.15 on 28th January.

17/12/2010: Presentations at BSRG in Southampton by Christian Eide and John Howell.

*New paper
01/12/2010: New paper in Sedimentology: see publications page.

30/11/2010: The group are presenting at Geological Remote Sensing Group annual meeting at the Geological Society in London:

      S. Buckley et al., Integration of close-range hyperspectral imaging and lidar for mapping outcrop composition.

*New paper
08/11/2010: Paper by Enge et al. in JSR: see publications page.

*New paper
26/10/2010: New paper in JGS: see publications page for details.

*Forskningsdagene 2010
29/09/2010: Vi har åpent hus på Forskningsdagene 2010, der vi er med i en rundtur i forskningens vertøykasse. Kom hit for å bli skannet av en lidar-skanner og finn ut hvordan man bruker bergarter i Utah for å finne mer Nordsjøolje! Se her for flere detaljer.

*New paper
16/09/2010: New paper in PHOR: see publications page for details.

01/09/2010: The group presented at ISPRS Commission III in Paris. See here for the proceedings paper.

  1. A. Sima et al., An improved workflow for image-and laser-based virtual geological outcrop modelling

*New paper
26/08/2010: New paper in JGS: see publications page for details.

*New paper
27/07/2010: New paper in PERS: see publications page for details.

*EGU and NPF
30/04/2010: The Group presented at EGU in Vienna and NPF in Stavanger.

  1. EGU: S.Buckley et al., Ground-based hyperspectral imaging for the mapping of geological outcrop composition. (Tuesday)
  2. NPF: J. Howell et al., Large-scale virtual outcrops as analogues for the reservoirs of the NCS
See the publications page for full references.

*AAPG 2010
19/04/2010: The VOG Group presented at AAPG 2010 in New Orleans (and battled with volcanic ash to get home again):

  1. J. Howell et al., Empirical understanding of sedimentary architecture: examples from the Campanian of central Utah.

  2. A. Rittersbacher et al., Using oblique helicopter lidar to document fluvial reservoir architecture: examples from the Cretaceous and Tertiary of eastern Utah.
See the publications page for full references.

15/03/2010: The SAFARI project gets its own website.

*ESRI Blog
08/03/2010: The SAFARI project is featured on the ESRI ArcGIS Explorer Blog.

*New paper
03/02/2010: Paper by Enge & Howell in Feb AAPG Bulletin.

*PhD defence
21/01/2010: Congratulations to Nicole for passing her PhD defence with flying colours!

*New website
12/12/2009: Our new website was launched.