Newsletter 4, 2007.

An edited book on design economies have been launched also including chapters from researcher in Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Canada and USA covering various fields of expertise including economic geography and economy, management studies sociology and design. An authored book by the Bryson and Rusten explores the key dimension of design economies and production systems related to competition strategies and globalisation. Both books are relevant for university level courses on for instance design management and also economic geography. The books will also be relevant for national and regional policy makers, parts of the business community and design practitioners. Both books will be published in 2009.

Newsletter 3, 2006.

The project has done 24 case studies with interviews among designers and industrial firms in Norway. A book chapter about international services and design related to the aerospace industry has recently been published (see publication). We are now launching an international book project about design and competition including invited chapters from researchers from Europe and North America.


International and national presentations 2006

patial Divisions of Expertise and transnational `service` firms: Aerospace and management consultancy, RESER International Conferences on Services, Lisbon Portugal, 28-30.09. 2006.

Close or distant? The economic geographies of knowledge intensive services.
Norge i en globalisert verden. Norsk geografisk selskap, 23-24.3. 2006

Design som nøkkelen til økt konkurransekraft for Vestlandet
På konferansenDesign som kreativ problemløsning. Substanskonferansen 2006.
Kunsthøgskolen i Bergen. 9.5. 2006

Industrial Design and the Weaving of Innovation and Creativity into the Production Process.
Royal Geographic Society and Institute of British Gegoraphers, Annual Conference, London 30.7-1.8. 2006

A missing link: Industrial design and national competiveness. University of Lancaster, 13.2.2006

Service Sector Performance and structural changes in the economy. Services and Innovation
Conference, Helsinki Finland, Finnish Funding Agency for Technology and Innovation, Tekes, 10-11.10. 2006.

Opplev Vestlandet (inkluderer design)
Norsk Reiselivskonferanse, Bergen 9.11. 2006
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(In addition presentaton at seminars e.g Innovation, Norge, Bergen and Bergen Municipality Administration)

Newsletter 2, 2005

Fifteen case-study interviews have been undertaken among designers and manufacturing firms during spring 2005. We have also expanded our networks and given several presentations in Norway and abroad. Fieldwork will continue this fall. A new article on design production and consumption is recently published and can be downloaded (see under publication).

From the press.

Bergens Tidende Editors article 10. June 2005 based on presentation at Vestlands Conference by Sparebanken Vest (regional bank):

"Researcher Grete Rusten at SNF emphasis the governments role in stimulating industrial activities. One strategy to be included is to have public arenas were Norwegian design products can be displayed. Some efforts have already been done on this matter, but Norway still needs to build its image on this area. This may also include an identity that is part of the Scandinavian Design label that we see very much used in our neighbour countries. We need an industrial policy which includes design and thereby represents a competitive strength also to our more labour intensive industrial sectors."

Newsletter 1, 2005
International presentations 2004-2005

Bryson, J.R, Rusten, G. and Daniels P: Industrial Design and Competetiveness in an Increasingly Global World:
Institutions and Supporting Structures Developed to Enhance the Design-Intensity of Manufactured Products in Europe and
Asia-Pacific. Paper presented at the XVth International RESER Conference September 22-25th 2005, Granada. Spain

Aarflot, U. Rusten, G and Bryson, J.R: Design and spatial Symbols: The relation between spatial symbols and the production and
consumption of industrial design. Paper presented at the XVth International RESER Conference September 22-25th 2005, Granada. Spain

'Inside the 'Industrial' Design World: Understanding the relationship between industrial design expertise, product development, and the manufacturing process' paper submitted to the Association of American Geographers Conference, Denver, April, with Bryson, J.R., Daniels P.W. (University of Birmingham) and Rusten G., (SNF Bergen).

'Understanding the Production and Consumption of Design Expertise by small and medium-sized firms: some evidence from Norway' with Rusten, G., (SNF Bergen) and Bryson, J.R.(University of Birmingham), paper submitted to the session entitled 'Geographies of Service Economies' that is being held as part of the Inaugural Nordic Geographers Conference, Lund, Sweden, May 10-14.

Invited presentation on 'Industrial Design and National Competitiveness', to the Department of Sustainability and Environment (the Australian government's lead urban planning agency) and the Department of Innovation, Industry and Regional Development, Melbourne, Australia, Feb 15.

'The Design Workshop of the World"?: Producing and consuming industrial design services in the United Kingdom', paper presented International Geographical Union 'Service Worlds' Conference, August, Birmingham, with Bryson, J.R., Daniels P. (University of Birmingham) and Rusten G., SNF Bergen, refereed submission.

'The Design Workshop of the World"?: Producing and consuming industrial design services in the United Kingdom', paper presented at the XIV International RESER Conference, Castres et Toulouse, France 23-26 September, with Bryson, J.R., Daniels P. (University of Birmingham) and Rusten G., (SNF Bergen), refereed submission.

'The 'art' of manufacture in a design world: cultural/creative strategies and the production and consumption of design expertise' paper presented to the (North American Regional Science Association (NARSA) meeting, Seattle, November, with Bryson, J.R. Daniels P.W. (University of Birmingham) and Rusten, G., (SNF Bergen.)