Preparation and timetable LAS 301: Autumn semester 2017

The course is organized inf 4 main activities:

  1. Week 35 : Preparation reading literature and following e-lectures (study on your own) and MCQ test the day before we meet in class on September 4.

  2. Week 36: 4-5 September: Lectures/demonstration in class (2 days, Participation to all lectures is mandatory!) Another MCQ immedatly after the lectures (Test will be closed 0400 PM September 18 2017).

  3. September 6-13: Group-task (in Canvas)- This must be delivered back within September 14 2017 0400PM.

  4. Week 39 - September 19 0900-1000 Exam

Timetable can be found here


For MCQs we use both and in LAS 301. The MCQ are voluntary and are used to increase student activity, to stimulate discussions and reflections and preparation for the exam.


1: Preparation before lectures

Preparation before the lectures: reading compendium, follow e-learning lectures and reading handouts. Course partisipants do not have to meet at the university but can study on their own.

The course partisipants must study on their own the following topics:

In addition the following topics to prepare is moved to MittUiB

To test yourself a MCQ is offered the day before we meet for lectures and demonstrations