6 Feb 2017

Stort auditorium i Sentralblokken

7 Feb 2017

Auditorium 1 BBB


(Course partisipants must attend all lectures both days**)





Introduction to Lab Animal Science (LAS) and practical info, A.Brønstad

0845-9030 EuthanasiaA.Brønstad


Legislation and use of animals in reserach. v/ G. Knudsen - Mattilsynet

0940-1100 Ethics - Selected references H. Browman


Power and sample size - J. Aßmus

1110-1220 Alternatives and 3Rs - A. Smith, Norecopa


Lunch Break* 1215-1300

Lunch Break* 1220-1300


Animal welfare, handling and basic techniques - video demonstrations A.Brønstad

1300-1410 Ethical principles in the use of animals in research - from implicit to explicit - S. Efstathiou (+ref article)


Anesthesia - video demonstrations A.Brønstad

1420-1530 Design of experiments R.Nordtvedt


Humane endpoints - Training session A.Brønstad

1535-1545 Information about group work and the exam A.Brønstad

After lectures:
3: Group work

Students are divided into groups and have to solve a group task.

This must be delivered back within Friday February 17 2017 0400PM.

4: Exam

FEBRUARY 21 2017 0900-1000

After finishing LAS 301 you will get a Multiple choice test ( 60 min – 40 questions) from compendium, handouts, lectures, e-learning material and links). Date: FEBRUARY 21 0900-1000.

You need 80% to pass the test

The test is available in Norwegian or English - Exam will be sent to your e-mail (remember to check the list that we have received correct e-mail adress)


You find cafeterias at 1st and 3rd floor Sentralblokken and in BB-building at 4th floor.

Small dishes are available in the Narvesen kiosk at ground floor, Sentralblokken.


Students have to sign a list do document participation these days