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Jóhanna Barðdal

Name: Jóhanna Barðdal


Position: Research Associate Professor
Department: Dept. of Linguistic, Literary and Aesthetic Studies
Address: Sydnesplassen 7, N-5007 Bergen, Norway
Office: Humanities Building, room 325A
Phone: +47-55 58 24 38 (office)
  +47-55 20 11 17 (home)
Fax: +47-55 58 93 54
E-mail: Johanna.Barddal at uib.no

Education and Academic Qualifications

  •  B.A. Degree in Icelandic and German, University of Iceland (Feb.1992)
  •  M.A. Studies in Icelandic Linguistics, University of Iceland (1992–1993)
  •  Lecturer in Icelandic, Lund University (1993–2000)
  •  Visiting Research Fellow, University of Manchester (2000–2001)
  •  Ph.D. Degree in Scandinavian Linguistics, Lund University (Sept. 2001)
  •  Visiting Assistant Professor, University of North Texas (2001–2002)
  •  Externally-Funded Researcher, Lund University (2002–2003)
  •  Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Linguistics, University of Bergen (July 2003–2008)
  •  Docent "Degree" in Scandinavian Linguistics (comparable to Habilitation in  Europe or Associate Professor competence in USA), Lund University (March  2004)
  • Visiting Scholar, University of California, Berkeley (July–Dec. 2005)
  • Acting Associate Professor, University of Bergen (July–Dec. 2006)
  • Research Associate Professor, University of Bergen (April 2008–March 2012)

Professional Assignments

Interdisciplinary Seminars


Recent Publications

  • (2008a): The Development of Case in Germanic. To appear in The Role of Semantics and Pragmatics in the Development of Case. Eds. Jóhanna Barðdal and Shobhana Chelliah. Amsterdam: John Benjamins.
  • (2008b): Case in Decline (with Leonid Kulikov). To appear in The Handbook of Case. Eds. Andrej Malchukov and Andrew Spencer. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • (2000a): Case Assignment of Nonce Verbs in Icelandic. SKY Journal of Linguistics 13:7–28.
  • (2000b): Oblique Subjects in Old Scandinavian. NOWELE 37:25–51.

      A complete list of my publications can be found here:


  •  Icelandic
  •  Comparative Research on Scandinavian and Germanic Linguistics
  •  Morphological Case
  •  Argument Linking
  •  Syntax
  •  Semantics
  •  Syntactic-Semantic Correspondences
  •  Construction Grammar
  •  Cognitive Linguistics
  •  Historical Linguistics
  •  Productivity

Current Classes

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