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  • The VISI-1 prototype provides an image retrieval system for exploring basic CBIR (Content-based image retrieval) techniques as implemented in Oracle's image search functions. It was adapted for the CAIM project in the summer of 2007 by application of the initial Bergen/By database.

  • The VISI2/BergenBy prototype extends VISI-1 with support for utilization of context variables in visual image retrieval. Currently, VISI2 supports image retrieval using image content (CBIR), text descriptors (TBIR) and GPS location specifications. Aslo supported are CBIR+GPS and CBIR+TBIR input combinations.
  • The BergenBy database currently contains 260+ images of buildings, statues, monuments, and street scenes within the Bergen area.

  • The VISI/Maritime prototype supports visual image retrieval (CBIR) using uploaded images or user constructed drawings.

  • The Maritime database contains 400+ images of predominently, marine animals.

    The Telenor prototypes are described in Sigmund Akselsen, Bente Evjemo and Anders Schürmann. (2008) CAIM Prototypes. CAIM project meeting, Tromsų 25.09.2008 Telenor R&I, Products and Markets

  • M2S - Tourist information in multiple channels(images of info guide ads)

  • TIFF - Tromsų International Film Festival event assistant (barcodes).

  • Smart Binoculars - Points of Interest info in images (camera position, direction and depth of field)

  • Visual search client for iPhone (general content based image recognition)

  • TVG - Tromsų Visual Guide (images of sculptures and buildings, position, ads)


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