CAIM meeting October 6. 2006




Joan Nordbotten, Dag Elgesem, Lars-Jacob Hove (IFIM, UiB), Heri Ramampiaro (NTNU), Randi Karlsen, Margrete Allern Brose (Ifi, UiTø), Alexander Horsch (TUM/UiTø), Sigmund Akselsen, Bente Evjemo (Telenor R&I)



In the first part of the meeting the participants presented current activities and interests related to the CAIM project.

  • Activities at IFIM (UiB), NTNU, Ifi (UiTø), TUM and Telenor was presented.
  • Lars-Jacob held a presentation on “Visual query language development”
  • Margrete held a presentation on “Using context in image retrieval”

The presentations will be available at the CAIM web site



Organization of the project was the topic for the second part of the meeting.

Several topics were discussed:


o       Organization:
Contact between the project partners/participants

o       We decided on having regular meetings – one meeting each semester for the whole project period.

o       It was suggested that each meeting should focus on a specific topic, and that the participants should complete an “assignment”/investigation prior to the meeting.

o       Additionally, the project will have local groups at Tromsø, Bergen and Trondheim, that may meet more frequently.

o       Email addresses will be distributed (see the email list at the end of this report).


o       CAIM web site

o       The CAIM web site is at the moment administrated and hosted at UiB.

o       The web site is an important information and publication port for the project.

o       We discussed using a Wiki for CAIM internal information.

o       Publications/ results
The discussions covered different topics           

o       We must plan for/be aware that results in the project may represent a contribution in different areas.

o       From one theme we may produce papers in different directions, for instance applied in medical informatics, on archaeological images, in information science, computer science,….

o       Rules for publishing:

§         Should we only inform everyone about papers in progress or should the project leader (or a board) approve before a paper is published?

§         Should the project leader (or a board) have the authority to postpone a publication?

§         An informal approach, where participants are informed about upcoming papers, was suggested.


o       Patents

o       Patents may be a result from the CAIM project.

o       Sigmund suggested adding some agreement regarding patenting in the consortium agreement.
(A draft version of a consortium agreement where distributed to the partners before the meeting.)

o       PhD positions

o       We will announce 3 PhD positions, one in each of the universities; UiB, NTNU and UiTø.

o       Hiring of a PhD position will be a local process at each university.

o       We discussed having a joint announcement on the Internet. 

o       We discussed how specific the announcement should be with respect to the research focus for the PhD students.
It was commented that if the topic is very specific, there may be few applicants.
The announcement should specify that the PhD position must do research within the CAIM project.

o       Budget

o       We had a short discussion on how the funding should be divided between the partners.

o       Telenor’s part of the funding is in the application denoted “Purchase of R&D services”.

o       The rest of the funding will be divided between the 3 Norwegian universities.
Some part of the funding can divided in 3.



o       The next meeting

o       Will be held in Bergen in the first part of February 2007.

o       Topic for the next meeting: “Context”

o       Assignment: Identify scenarios and context characteristics

o       One of the goals for the next meeting will be to identify common context characteristics, and a core context set.

o       There where some discussions about choosing a specific tool for modelling scenarios. We did not decide on a common tool.





Randi Karlsen

October 14. 2006






Email addresses


Joan Nordbotten          

Dag Elgesem                

Lars-Jacob Hove          

Heri Ramampiaro         

Randi Karlsen              

Margrete Allern Brose 

Alexander Horsch        

Sigmund Akselsen       

Bente Evjemo