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Thesis projects

Current and completed CAIM graduate theses:

Candidate Completion Date University Title (N) = Thesis in Norwegian
PhD theses    
Massimiliano Ruocco 2013, NTNU Context-Aware Image Retrieval
Najeeb Elahi 2013, UiTø A Context Centric Approach for Semantic Image Annotation and Retrieval.
Christian Hartvedt 2012, UiB Context Focused Interaction with Image Collections
Lars-Jacob Hove 2010, UiB Drawing visual query images: use, users and usability of query by drawing interfaces for content based image retrieval systems. (7Mb)
Masters theses    
Andrew Moores 2009, UiB Acceptance of Synthetic speech in Multi-modal Information Retrieval. (1.7Mb)
Jan-Erik Bråthen 2009, UiB An analysis of Image Folksonomy Generation. (2Mb)
Ksenia Alexander Shevchuk 2008, NTNU Ranking and clustering of search results: Analysis of Similarity graph
Kai Arne Bjørnenak 2007, UiTø Images and Location data (N)
Christian Hartvedt 2007, UiB Utilizing context in ranking results from distributed image retrieval – the CAIRANK Prototyp (2Mb)
Anne Staurland Aarbakke 2007, UiTø M2S and CAIR: Image based information retrieval in mobile environments
Silje Alfheim 2006, UiTø Image Contexts and the Semantic Web
Aamund Lomheim Bremer 2006, NTNU Techniques and index structures for efficient image retrieval on the web
S. Edvardsen 2006, NTNU Classification of Images using Color, CBIR Distance Measures and Genetic Programming: An Evolutionary Experiment
Kurt Jøran Nyland 2006, UiTø Image Collections and Context (N)
Arne Tøndersen 2006, UiTø Image retrieval based on location and time
Bachelor projects    
Per Thomas Bakken 2007, UiTø Context detection on mobile units
J. Klock and T. Johansen 2007, NTNU Design and Implementation of Distributed Ranking in a Peer-to-Peer System for Images
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