Annewandter_Unstructured grid simulation of hydromechanical effects in fractured reservoirs during CO2 injection.pdf

Bandilla_Modeling carbon dioxide sequestration in the Illinois basin.pdf

Ennis-King_field experience and modelling of the uncertiantie of plume arrival time in the subsurface storage of CO2.pdf

Frykman_Heterogeneity and filling patters at different size-scales_From cross-bedding to stratified reservoirs.pdf

Gasda_Simplified modeling approaches for CO2 in large-scale geological systems.pdf

Møll-Nilsen_Ompact of realistic geological models on simulation of CO2 storage.pdf

Neumann_Modelling and numerical simulation of compositional two-phase flow with disappearing nonwetting phase.pdf

Odeh_When the flow does not match the terrain - Looking at the topography and CO2-water contact in the Utsira Formation.pdf

Olaussen_The Longyearbyen CO2 laboratory Adventdalen_Svalbard - a test site for storage flow and leakage of fluids in an unceonventional reservoir.pdf

Pettersen_Loading and unloading - compaction vs expansion material behaviour models.pdf

Ringrose_Geological controls on CO2 injection and storage.pdf

Simon_Compaction driven flow in porosity waves - a threat to caprock integrity.pdf

Syversveen_A study on how top surface morphology influences the CO2 storage capacity.pdf

Torabi_Localization of strain in porous sandstone.pdf

Tveranger_IGeMS geology.pdf

Walter_Brine migration due to CO2 injection into saline aquifers_A consistent approach to risk estimation.pdf


  Workshop topic
The workshop will focus on the present practice and future handling of geological features in sub-surface CO2 sequestration sites. Key issues are the impact of sedimentary, tectonic and diagenetic structures on CO2 plume behaviour, volumetric considerations and leakage risks. 


The workshop takes place November 22-24, 2011 in Bergen, Norway. It is organised by the IGeMS project (Impact of realistic geological models on CO2 simulation and storage), a collaboration between the University of Bergen, the Centre for Integrated Petroleum research (CIPR), the Norwegian Computing Center and SINTEF, and hosted by CIPR.

For enquiries please contact:
Jan Tveranger, Centre for Integrated Petroleum Research, CIPR (
Jan Nordbotten, Dept. of Mathematics, University of Bergen (


        Invited speakers
        Jonathan, Ennis-King, CSIRO
Peter Frykman, GEUS
Philip Ringrose, Statoil
Anita Torabi, CIPR
Snorre Olaussen, UNIS


        Organising committee
        Jan Tveranger, Center for Integrated Petroleum Research, Uni Research
Jan Martin Nordbotten, Dept. of Mathematics, University of Bergen
Pål Dahle, Norwegian Computing Center
Halvor Møll Nilsen, SINTEF