SNF-Workingpaper 32/05
Rusten, G. and Bryson, J.R. Understanding the production and consumption of design expertise by small medium-sized firms: Some Evidence from Norway.
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SNF-Workingpaper 53/04
Bryson, J.R, Daniels, P.W, Rusten, G. 2004. Design Workshops of the World: The production and integration of industrial Design expertise into the product development and manufacturing process in Norway and the United Kingdom.
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Rusten, G. and Bryson, J.R (2009). Industrial design, Competition and Globalization.
Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan (in print).

Rusten.G., Bryson, J.R and Aarflot, U (2007). Places through products and products through places. Industrial design and Spatial symbols as sources of competitiveness. Norwegian Journal of Geography 6.13. 133-144.

Rusten, G. and Bryson, J.R. (2007). The production and Consumption of Industrial Design Expertise by Small- and Medium Sized Firms: Some Evidence from Norway. Geografiska Annaler. SerieB, 89B (SI) Human Geography. 75-87.

Bryson, J.R. and Rusten., G (2006): Spatial Divisions of Expertise and Transnational “Service” Firms: Aeropspace and Management Consultancy, 79-100 in Harrington, J.W and Daniels P.W.(eds). Knowledge-Based Services, Internationalisation and Regional Development. Aldershot: Ashgate.

Rusten, G. og Stensheim, I. (2007):
Teknologiutvikling og design blant leverandører til oppdrettsnæringen. I. Aarset, B. og Rusten, G. (red): Aquakultur: Havbruk på norsk, Fagbokforlaget, Bergen.

Kunnskapsløft mellom designere og industrimiljø
Article in Norwegian School of Economics Magazine NHH Silhuetten 04. 2005 p 13-15
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Article on design published in Norske Møbler no. 3 December 2005
(Norsk Industri TBL Møbler og innredning)
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The magazine "Nyskaping" nr.1 2005 p-15-16.
Article based on results from the study (in Norwegian) [Link to the magazine]