Integrated Clinical Specialist and PhD-training
The National Program for Integrated Clinical Specialist and PhD-training for Psychologists is a national recruitment program for positions which requires dual competence in psychology. Dual competence means the achivement of both documented research competence (PhD-degree) and (clinical) specialist competence (approved by The Norwegian Psychological Association, NPF).

The project is a joint cooperation between universities, health authorities and NPF on commission from and funded by The Ministry of Education and Research and The Ministry of Health and Care Services.

The recruitment programme aims at improving the supply of competent applicants for positions at universities, university colleges and health institutions which requires or demands this dual competence.

The professional profile concerning the recruitment of researchers is based on demands within Norwegian universities and the regional health authorities.

The recruitment positions offered by the National Program for Integrated Clinical Specialist and PhD-training for Psychologists have a total duration of seven years. The PhD-degree, without duty work, is estimated to three years and the clinical specialist education has a duration of four years. The PhD-degree is financed through scholarship positions assigned to the universities.

Local professional coordinators are located at each place of study:
- Associate professor Helene A. Nissen-Lie (University of Oslo)
- Professor Inger Hilde Nordhus (University of Bergen)
- Associate professor Jens Thimm (University of Tromsų)
- Professor Odin Hjemdal (The Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim)

Each local coordinator holds a 10%-position for the Program.

The local coordinators are responsible for organizing local activities and the continuous observation of candidates in the Program regarding universities and health authorities.

The program is coordinated by The Faculty of Psychology at the University of Bergen.