The Bergen conference on Harm-Benefit Analysis of Animal Studies

Bergen, NORWAY April 29 2014

Organised by The Laboratory Animal facility of University of Bergen and AALAS-FELASA Working Group on Harm-Benefit Analysis of Animal Studies.

(Minutes from the meeting will be presented here during summer 2014)

Program and Presentations

Chris Newcomer and Jeff Everitt: "FELASA/AALAS WG: Harm-Benefit Analysis: An Ethical Framework for conducting Humane Animal Research - Update from the WG on Harm-Benefit Analysis"

Javier Guillen - A Global Perspective on the Regulatory Ethical Review Principles for Animal Care and Use

Thierry Decelle - External assessment of Harm-Benefit Analysis

Kate Chandler - Harm-Benefit Analysis in the UK: 1986-2013 and beyond

David Anderson - EU proposals for training of Project Evaluators.

Adrian Smith – The role of a national 3R-platform in harm-benefit assessment (this lecture was supported by Scand-LAS)

Siri Granum Carson and Sophia Efstathiou- Ethical principles in the use of animals in research - from implicit to explicit

Pascal Vachon – Identifying the harms and anticipating the benefits of animal research: a pain researcher's perspective




Norway 19


UK 3

Austria 2

Beliguim 2

France 2

Canada 1

Nothern Irland 1

Switzerland 1

Finland 1

Sweden 1

Denmark 1

Spain 1

Portugal 1