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Harm-Benefit Analysis Step by Step tool
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Before you start it is recommended to print out and read the case used in this example. You find it by use of this link.

Modulating, mitigating and aggravating effects

Based on the information in the text, identify modulating factors and mitigating and/or aggravating effects.

Modulating factors (MF)

For example, the housing conditions of the animals used in the project, including details on type and size of caging, and social/individual housing conditions etc.

Other modulating factors might be (for harm): species, number, animal health status, suited to environment, intensity and/or duration of impact, cumulative experience, endpoint, genetic modulation, housing/husbandry factors, personnel competence/experience or (for benefit): purported importance of outcome, clarity of objectives, translation potential, likelihood of success, continuity of recognized scientific efforts, innovation level, quality of experimental design, dissemination of results.

Mitigating and aggravating effects

For each modulating factor, define the impact (aggravating and/or mitigating) that it has on any of the 5 freedoms (i.e. Freedom from hunger or thirst, discomfort, pain, injury or disease, to express (most) normal behavior and fear and distress).

For example, if, under the ‘housing’ Modulating factor, the study required that social animals be individually housed for a period of time, this would be interpreted as an aggravating factor, but if they are also provided with a very good enrichment program, access to open areas and human contact, there would also be a mitigating effect, which would balance the final outcome for this particular MF.

For benefits you will be asked for what, who, how and when for different benefit domains.

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