LAS 302 (Laboratory animal science - mammals)

Welcome to LAS 302. Please read the following information carefully before the course.

The syllabus for the course described here (norwegian, english). Compendium and The Cost Manual are available from the student bookstore Akademika. The Compendium can also be purchased from the Laboratory Animal Unit at NVH. The Cost Manual is alos available from and CRC press. NRC guide can be downloaded here. A collection of articles for LAS 302 has been prepared and can be dowloaded here.

Some material will be available for self-study – this can be downloaded here.

Exam (60 minutes multiple choice) June 17 th 2016: 0900-1000.

Way to the Auditorium

Timetable June 6-7 2016

By clicking the links on different material you also find some study material for the different lectures. (these will be available during the course).

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Monday June 6

Auditorium 2 - BB-bygget

Tuesday June 7

Auditorium 2 - BB-bygget

0845-0900 Introduction and information - A. Bronstad 0830-0950 Housing, care and use of minipigs, dogs and non-human primates for scientific purposes - LF Mikkelsen

Environmental conditions - A Brønstad

Housing, care and use of rodents for scientific purposes
- LF Mikkelsen
1010-1120 Asepsis and basic Surgergical principles- Christina Thomson

Anesthesia and pain management - A.Haga


Welfare issues in GMO - A.Brønstad


Anesthesia and pain management - A.Haga



1230-1315 Lunch
1230-1340 Animal handling techniques - Siv Eggen 1315-1355

Recognition of pain - A. Bronstad

1350-1500 Anesthesia and Pain in Rodents - Henrik Rasmussen ZRF cocktail til mus og rotte

Field Experiments - C. das Neves


Health monitoring and preventive health care

1505-1545 Diet and nutrition A.Brønstad

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Summary A. Bronstad