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LAS - "Mind the Gap"-course

Persons who followed LAS 201 (or MEDVET 1) in 2014 or earlier and took LAS 202/203 in 2015 missed important part of the training program according to the new Regulation on the use of animals in research that went info force 1/7-2015.

Read more about demands to education here. Contact to sign in for the training program.

To compete teh training program they are offered a self-study e-learning program. After the self study they have to pass a MCQ-test (80% correct to pass).

1. Selfstudy

The course participants must study on their own the following topics:

Norwegian Legislation and regulations

Health and safety

Humane endpoints and Severity classification

Design of animal experiments Chapter 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 14 

Alternatives and 3R


The animal welfare body at UiB

For and against animal experiments

Public Project summary



After finishing the preparation material you have to pass a test in 60 minutes. You need 80% correct to pass the test. Contact for the test



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Persons performing procedures

Practical training and skills must be documented dor persons performing procedures. It not persons performing procedures shall be supervised when they perform tasks until they have demonstrated that they master the necessary skills, for further information.