As chair of the organizing committee of the 15th European Conference in Developmental Psychology (ECDP), I am delighted to welcome you to Bergen. The European Society for Developmental Psychology was founded in 1994. Its main objectives are to govern the stimulation, support and conduct of developmental research in the European context. A major institution in the pursuit of these goals is the ECDP. This biennial conference offers a forum for researchers and all those who want to learn more about studying human development.

As organisers we are very happy by high interest and attendance of the conference. The fact that well over 700 people have registered for the conference tells us at least two important things. Firstly, psychologists within academia and practice get enormous value out of the ECDP conferences. Secondly, the very strong interest in the conference from all over the world this year suggests that Bergen and Norway is an attractive place to visit. Bergen is a beautiful town surrounded by mountains and ocean, and the venue for the conference is the famous Grieghallen (the concert hall of Edvard Grieg) right in the heart of Bergen. I hope that you will enjoy your stay here with us, in the country that has topped the United Nations’ global ranking of the best country to live in for the eighth year running. Life expectancy in Norway is 81 years and the average Gross Domestic Product per capita is USD 58,810. The average person attends school for 12.6 years.

I hope that you will get a feel of the quality of living in Norway when you are here, and that you will have the opportunity to take trips to our beautiful fjords and wonderful nature. But most of all, I hope that you will find the conference interesting and fun !

On behalf of the Organising Committee,
Professor Bente Wold

Dear delegates,

Welcome to the XV European Conference on Developmental Psychology to be held next August! This time we have traveled northwest to Norway in order to place our conference in one of the most beautiful spots of Scandinavia, the city of Bergen.

The local and scientific committee, with the support of the ESDP council, is working very hard to set up the best scenario for the best developmental research.

Pre-conference Workshops are also arranged to make your stay scientifically rewarding.

Come to meet us and do not miss the opportunity to become a member of the ESDP. I'll see you there!

María José Rodrigo
President of the ESDP