Special events

Wednesday 24 August         18:45-19:30                        Room: Peer Gynt

Social bond session: The impact of earthquake, tsunami, & nuclear accident – Japanese experience and mission of academics

Chairs: Yuichi Toda, Osaka University of Education, Japan & Christiane Spiel, University of Vienna, Austria

This Social Bond Session was scheduled owing to special considerations and efforts by the president of ECDP, the congress organiser, and many colleagues. In this session, we would like to share academic wisdoms to recover from the devastative disasters and prepare buffers for the next. The discussion should be focused upon (1) Damages on academic environments, (2) Responsibilities of developmental psychologists in such a situation, and (3) What we should do in the future.

What have earthquake survivors experienced in Sendai?
Kamiya, T.

The Impact of huge earthquake on a metropolitan city, Tokyo: Our paradigm shift since 3.11
Aoyama, I.

Supports and yells from Kobe: Make the best use of an ex-stricken experience
Kanetsuna, T.

Friday 26 August         13.00 – 14.30                               Room: Peer Gynt

Is Piaget still alive?

Chair: Francisco Pons, University of Oslo, Norway

Debate between Phillippe Rochat, University of Atlanta, USA and Cintia Ródriguez, Autonomous University of Madrid, Spain, moderated by Francisco Pons

Friday 26 August         16.15 – 17.45                              Room: Klokkeklang

Publishing in the 21st century

Chair: Willem Koops, Utrecht University, The Netherlands (Editor of European Journal of Developmental Psychology)

The session will address aims and visions for publishing in the 21st century as seen from the perspectives of leading librarians, editors, publishers and authors within the field of developmental psychology. The session will start out with the presentation "Modern use of Libraries and the future of scientific publications" by the internationally recognized librarian Dr. Anja Smit. Thereafter short statements on current journal policies will be given by the editors of existing journals within the field of developmental psychology (European Journal of Developmental Psychology; International Journal of Behavioral Development; Child Development and others). The presentation and statements will be followed by an open discussion with the audience and some of the publishers present at the conference (Blackwell, Psychology Press, Wiley and others).

The Tide is High! Exiting Opportunities for Academic Publishing in the 21st Century
Smit, A.