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Energy Forum EF is a stand-alone and independent body for the generation and dissemination of knowledge about energy activities in a broad sense and debate on energy issues. Energy Forum is to serve as a meeting place and contact and networking between research bodies, businesses and governments with ties to the energy business.

To promote these objectives Energy Forum will:

  • establish the Energy Forum as a meeting place and debate forum, and to facilitate networking and contact-making between members,

  • organizing scientific meetings, seminars and conferences on energy related issues, in collaboration with others when this is appropriate,

  • initiate research and assessment activities on issues and energy solutions that are important to energiviksomhet, and participate in reference groups, etc. for R & D projects,

  • disseminate knowledge and information about key energy issues and activities that are of interest to members and the general public,

  • identify, promote and develop knowledge and skills base for the energy business and act as focal point for energy environments.