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Energy Forum EF has a board of seven members and alternate members elected by the members of the rally called by a proposal from a nominating committee appointed by the members meeting. The Board prepares draft activity plan, budget and membership dues, and presents accounting, as approved by the members of the invited members meeting. Decisions are made by simple majority. Amendments requires 2/3 majority. The ongoing activities undertaken by a secretariat, plus an independent research institution.

Energy Forum Board:

Entire board
e-mail: styre@energiforumef.uib.no

Jan S. Vaagen (UiB), chairman
Tel.: 957 70 063 (Mobile),   55 58 27 24 (Office),     e-mail: jans.vaagen@ift.uib.no

Einar Hope (NHH)
Tel.: 55 95 93 44 (Office),     e-mail: einar.hope@nhh.no

Bill Schjelderup (Bergen Energi)
e-mail: bill.schjelderup@bergen-energi.com

Eva Britt Isager (Bergen kommune)
Tel.: 55 56 57 03 (Office),     e-mail: eva.isager@bergen.kommune.no

Gudrun Mathisen (Hordaland fylkeskommune)
e-mail: gudrun.mathisen@post.hfk.no

Toril Christensen(BKK)
e-mail: toril.christensen@bkk.no

Nils Tore Skogland (Naturvernforbundet Hordaland)
Tel.: 55 30 06 63,     e-mail: nts@naturvernforbundet.no