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Γιωργος Κορδης, Giorgios Kordis:
Η "Ερμηνεια" της ζωγραφικής τεχνης Διονυσιου του εκ Φουρνα
Αισθητικά και εικαστικά σχόλια
 Αρμός εκδόσεις
Αθήνα 2006
175pp. plus 12 colour plates.

ISBN 960-527-349-7, Armos Publications, Athens

The book, in Greek, deals with the famous Ermeinia of Dionysius Fourna (c. 1670 - c. 1745), a hagiorite monk (indicating that he was a monk of Mount Athos) and painter of 18th century. The “Ermeinia” (literally, interpretation or expounding) is a unique painter’s manual in which the technological, iconographical and aesthetical tradition of Byzantium survived. This detailed book is among the oldest of the Greek narrative pattern books and instruction texts still extant. Compiled on Mt. Athos, Greece, from 1730-1734 from ancient sources by Dionysius of Fourna, the manual is fundamental in providing an insight into Byzantine tradition and practice. One part of the book is concerned with the concepts of Dionysius about the role of painting in the making of an icon, another part deals with the way Dionysius understands the composition of the painted icon concerning the representation of scenes or events in the Old and the New Testaments respectively. A third part presents 30 drawings by the author, based on the instructions of the “Ermeinia”. 
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