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Vote for Sigmund Grønmo as Rector and Berit Rokne as Pro-Rector!




                         Kuvvet, Berit, Astri og Sigmund



Rector: Sigmund Grønmo, Rector since 2005, and Professor of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences.

Pro-Rector: Berit Rokne, Vice Rector for Education since 2005, and Professor of Nursing Science, Faculty of Medicine and



Their team also includes two candidates for positions as Vice Rectors:

Vice Rector for Education: Kuvvet Atakan, Professor of Seismology, Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Vice Rector for International Relations: Astri Andresen, Professor of History, Faculty of Humanities


Programme: A research university with a high international profile - renewal based on the university’s distinctive character.

Election manifesto for the office of Rector at the University of Bergen 2009.

Sigmund Grønmo, Berit Rokne, Kuvvet Atakan og Astri Andresen.


Presentation of Sigmund Grønmo’s Rector Team


Election campaign 2009 (all relevant information at the local UiB newspaper “ Høyden”)


Vote electronically (through the UiB’s official election pages with regular username and password)


Rector Election for a research university with a high international profile

- renewal based on the university’s distinctive character


We want to:

·          Follow up the action plan for postgraduate education and prioritisation of good working conditions and career

·          opportunities for PhD candidates

·          Develop adequate schemes to allow PhD candidates to spend time abroad

·          Ensure more PhD scholarships, full funding of research scholarships and resources for supervision capacity

·          Consider four-year research scholarship periods with a built-in compulsory work component as the standard

·          norm for all PhD candidates

·          Support research fellows’ wish to establish their own representative bodies at each faculty

·          Increase the number of post-doctoral positions, and consider tenure-track positions – particularly in the

·          academic units where such a measure would facilitate good career planning

·          Develop UiB as an internationally visible research university

·          Follow up the action plan for internationalisation, with the emphasis on collaboration with the best universities

·          and research environments in different parts of the world and on commitment to the major global challenges

·          Make more time available for research and ensuring good research opportunities in all our academic units

·          Strengthen marine research, development research and other strategically prioritised investment areas

·          Increase external funding for research

·          Ensure the necessary strengthening of NST subjects through dedicated measures

·          Achieve optimum organisation of multidisciplinary research between different faculties

·          Ensure that this rector election will not be the last election of rector at UiB