Complex Analysis and Mathematical Physics

International Conference                                                       Chillán, Chile, December 12-16, 2010

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Termas de Chillán is a small place located 82 km east of Chillán, a Chilean city, the birthplace of the Chilean national hero Bernardo O'Higgins. Chillán is 400 km south from the capital Santiago de Chile and at the main Pan-American road crossing the American continents from Alaska to Tierra del Fuego.


There will be a free shuttle circulating between Concepción airport-Chiilán bus station-Termas de Chillán.

Timetable December 11:
Concepción airport 13:00, 20:00
Chiilán Bus Terminal "Maria Teresa" 14:00, 21:00
Termas de Chillán 15:00, 22:00

By Air

Santiago de Chile-Concepción. The easiest way for those who travel from abroad by plane, but the most expensive (350-400 USD).

By Train

Santiago de Chile-Chillán. The most prefferable perhaps. Nice scenic road, rather cheap (approx. 25-30 USD), modern train. Starts from the Railway Station in Santiago. There is a good shuttle connection between the Santiago Airport and the station. Problem: 2010 earthquake destroyed part of the railway and we do not know when it will start to operate again. Hopefully it will go normally in December.  

Update info 11/10/2010
So far this train goes only until TALCA. So bus is a good option.

By Bus

Santiago de Chile-Chillán. The most sure way so far. It takes about 5-6 hours and starts from the Bus Station ALAMEDA in Santiago several times a day. Rather cheap (approx. 15-20 USD).

1) Take a bus from the Stantiago Airport to the Busstation ALAMEDA (NB! there are 3 stations in a raw: big busstation, Terminal Alameda, Central Railway Station. YOU NEED ALAMEDA TERMINAL). 2) There are 2 buscompanies at this terminal: Turbus and Pullman Bus. Take any of them to Chillán Terminal Maria Teresa, there are many buses and timetable is convenient. It will take 5.5 hours to get to the Chillán bus station where the shuttle will serve you to Termas de Chillán.

Some directions are below on maps

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Santiago International Airport "Arturo Merino Benitez"- Bus Terminal "Alameda"

Concepción International Airport "Carriel Sur"

Chillán Bus Terminal "Maria Teresa"