Fredag 25. januar 2013

From the head of department

The committee working with IFT’s proposal to the Centre for Progressive Education is now in full action. Professor Bjørn Tore Hjertaker, who is leading the work, says that the CPE-proposal will build upon the strong sides and the experience generated by the many years at the IFT, and will be directed in particular toward the Bachelor degree with the focus on the interactions between the lecturers and students, students between and during the lab lectures. There will be more information later.

Have a good weekend,
Geir Anton

News and general information


  Symposium: Discovering Per Osland 70 years

Professor Per Osland turned 70 years January 10th and you are all welcome to the anniversary symposium:

  • Monday January 28th in Bachelorrommet (room 359), IFT:

·        11:00 Coffee & cookies

·        11:15 Welcome from the Head of Department (Geir Anton Johansen)

·        11:30 Analysing Per & introduction to the symposium (Anna Lipniacka)

·        12:00 Discriminating New Physics Models at future colliders (Jan Kalinowski)

·        12:30-13:30 Lunch

·        13:30 Memories from the 90ties (Bjarne Stugu)

·        14:00 Being Per's student (Are Raklev)

·        14:45 Natural Extensions of the Standard Model Scalar Sector (Bohdan Grzadkowski)

·        15:30 Per@Work (Collaborative Group Contribution)

·        16:00 End of Scientific programme


·        19:00 Dinner (by invitation only)


  Open seminars and Horizons

IFT’s open seminars and faculty’s Horizon lectures will soon start again. Here is the list of the events planned so far:

·        Monday, February 5, Egget, at 10:00 EXTRA INTERFACULTATIVE open seminar with the author Siri Hustvedt, ”Borderlands”

·        Monday, February 12, Egget, at 18:00 (Horisonter), Andrew Read, Pennsylvania State University, ”Evolution dynamics”

·        Friday, March 15, Aud B, at 14:15 Sabrine Hossenfelder, Nordita ”Cosmology”

·        Thursday, March 21,  Egget, at 15:00 (Horisonter) Researcher Jo Røislien, UoO “Measurements and interpretation”

·        Thursday, April 11, Egget, at 15:00 (Horisonter)


  Music meets Science

Join us for a stimulating event in collaboration with Bergen Philharmonic, where conductor Andrew Litton and dean Dag Rune Olsen will discuss parallels and connections between science and music, featuring some musical contributions by musicians of the Bergen Philharmonic.

·        Music meets Science

·        Tuesday January 29th at 15.00

·        In Realfagbygget (Allegt 41), floor, beneath the canteen.

What do science and music have in common? Can music and its beauty be expressed by means of mathematics or physics? How do we define our pursuits of understanding and interpretation? What is universal to our approaches. The faculty offers free traditional Norwegian risengrynsgrøt (porridge) and some soft drinks for students and other participants afterwards, with the possibility for further discussion with attending musicians and other members from the Bergen Philharmonic. Grøt is served at 16.00.

  Registrations in Cristin

Deadline for registering in Cristin is February 1 for publications which are to be reported to the Norwegian Ministry of Science, and Februrary 15 for magazine articles which are available on the Internet. So, all you have to do is find some time to upload your last year’s achievements in Cristin where one has to log in as UoB-employee. In addition to the scientific articles, this also applies to newspapers columns, discussions, media appearances – both on radio and TV, etc. In case of several authors from UoB, the first named author is responsible for uploading the data..

  Conferences in Bergen this semester

If you are interested in one of these conferences, perhaps it would be wise to already set a date in your calenders:

·        Gasskonferansen 10. - 11. April

·        Fornybarkonferansen (former 7-Mountains Conference) 22.- 23. April

·        Christiekonferansen 25. April

·        Meeting of Physicists 2013, 7.-10. April





Alexander Vereshagin

M.phil. Alexander Vereshagin will hold his PhD disputation on the following topic and title:

Friday, February 1, at 13:15 in Auditorium 2, Realfagbygget. His supervisor was Per Osland.


Pål Lothe Sæterdal will hold his Master thesis presentation in separation with the following title:

  • Hydrocyclones in a produced water system at Visund platform – Theoretical study of simulation modell with real platform data

Thursday, January 31, at 12:15 in room 368, IFT. His supervisors were Bjørn Kvamme and Anita M. K. Harestad, Aker Solutions.

Publications registered in ISI Web of Science


o   BaBar Collaboration: Eigen G, Stugu B, Sun L et al.: Lees, J. P.; Poireau, V.; Tisserand, V.; et al.:  Measurement of B (B -> Xs gamma), the B -> Xs gamma photon energy spectrum, and the direct CP asymmetry in B -> Xs+d gamma decays PHYSICAL REVIEW D  Volume: 86   Issue: 11     Article Number: 112008   DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.86.112008

o   ALICE Collaboration: Altinpinar S, Djuvsland O, Fehlker D, Haaland O, Huang M, Kanaki K, Langoy R, Lien J, Liu L, Loenne PI, Nystrand J, Roed K, Rohrich D, Skjerdal K, Ullaland K, Ovrebekk G, Wagner B, Yang B et al.: Measurement of electrons from semileptonic heavy-flavor hadron decays in pp collisions at root s=7 TeV PHYSICAL REVIEW D  Volume: 86   Issue: 11     Article Number: 112007   DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.86.112007  

o   BaBar Collaboration: Eigen G, Stugu B, Sun L et al.: Lees, J. P.; Poireau, V.; Tisserand, V.; et al.:  Measurement of the time-dependent CP asymmetry of partially reconstructed B-0 -> D*D+*(-) decays PHYSICAL REVIEW D  Volume: 86   Issue: 11     Article Number: 112006   DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevD.86.112006  




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