Friday October 4 2013

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  Rehabilitation of the facades: windows, walls, surfaces.

On Monday 7.10., the rehabilitation of facades at Bjørn Trumpys hus will be initiated. 

The work will consist of: Mounting of «new» windows on the southern facade will be corrected in order to reduce draft, all other windows will be changed in all floors. The binders will be renewed on the brick facades, expansion joint will be improved, the sole units will be secured and all surfaces will be treated / painted.

The work will start with rigging of the scaffolding at the southern facade, southern block and will continue at the southern facade, northern block. A rigging plan has been worked out which means that some areas of the parking space outside the building will be closed, and the building-office will be located inside the building. A detailed plan for the changing of the windows will be worked out. In all affected offices the entrepreneur will move desks and furniture from the facade approximately 1 m. The desks and other furniture will be covered with plastic during the work which takes about one day in a small office. In special rooms and laboratories we will need help from users in connection with moving apparatus and furniture.

The work is expected to end 2014 Summer.

  Course coordinators – Deadline to submit exam dates: 28. oktober

Deadline to submit exam dates for this semester's oral exams is on October 28.

This is so that the faculty can post the correct deadline for withdrawals from exams which usually is two weeks before the exam date. Send date and names of external examiners to Kristine.

  Exam – information for course coordinators visiting examination premises

The examination office has prepared a small briefing for course coordinators who will visit written examination premises.

  Workshop on Heavy Flavor Correlations in Nuclear Collisions

Wednesday to Friday this week, a workshop on heavy flavor correlations in nuclear collisions was held in Bergen. During the workshop, experts in the field gathered to share their views on various challenges and possibilities in both the experimental and theoretical domain, and engage in discussions on the topic. By bringing theorists and experimentalists together, the workshop has served as an exchange platform where analyses from recent particle colliders, such as RHIC and LHC, could be compared with predictions from various models, giving a better understanding of how these probes interact with, for instance, the quark gluon plasma. A wide variety of nations and institutes have been represented, including CERN, Italy, Germany, Finland, the Netherlands and the US, in addition to the more local representatives from the University of Oslo and Bergen which are also heavily involved in this field of research.




  Disputation before Christmas?

Do you want to defend your dissertation before Christmas? We would then like to remind everyone that the deadline for submitting final dissertations is on Wednesday, October 16. The supervisors should then have a list of opponents ready. The last possible date for disputation before the Summer is on Wednesday, December 18.



  Trial Lectures

MSc Tonje Nesse Forland will be giving the following trial lecture for the PhD degree:

  • Vannets rolle i atmosfæren

Friday October 11 at 10.15 in room 292, IFT.


MSc Mahdi Poor Mohammadi will be defending his PhD dissertation:

Friday Octpber 11 at 13:15 in Auditorium 2, Realfagbygget. Thesis supervisors are Per Osland, Anna Lipniacka and Odd Magne Øgreid, Høgskolen i Bergen.





H-bar is open today and every Friday 19.00-01.00.

On Tuesdays, every even numbered week, there will be pub-lectures in H-bar. More info on H-bar's facebook page.

H-bar is run by the Scientific Committee and is primarily intended for students – but employees are also welcome!

IFT in the media

Publications registered in ISI Web of Science


o   ATLAS Collaboration: Buanes T, Burgess T, Eigen G, Johansen LG, Kastanas A, Leibig W, Lipniacka A, Mohn B, Rosendahl PL, Sandaker H, Sjursen TB, Stugu B, Tonyan A, Ugland M et al.:  Measurement of the inclusive jet cross-section in pp collisions at root s=2.76 TeV and comparison to the inclusive jet cross-section at root s=7 TeV using the ATLAS detector EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C  Volume: 73   Issue: 8     Article Number: 2509   DOI: 10.1140/epjc/s10052-013-2509-4

o   ATLAS Collaboration: Buanes T, Burgess T, Eigen G, Johansen LG, Kastanas A, Leibig W, Lipniacka A, Mohn B, Rosendahl PL, Sandaker H, Sjursen TB, Stugu B, Tonyan A, Ugland M et al.:   Improved luminosity determination in pp collisions at root s=7 TeV using the ATLAS detector at the LHC EUROPEAN PHYSICAL JOURNAL C  Volume: 73   Issue: 8     Article Number: 2518   DOI: 10.1140/epjc/s10052-013-2518-3  

o   AEGIS: Gligorova, A.; Pacifico, N; Sandaker H.; Aghion S.; Ahlen O.; et al.: Prospects for measuring the gravitational free-fall of antihydrogen with emulsion detectors JOURNAL OF INSTRUMENTATION  Volume: 8     Article Number: P08013   DOI: 10.1088/1748-0221/8/08/P08013  





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