Friday October 11, 2013

From the head of department

All of you interested in particle therapy and medical physics should know that on Monday, October 28 12:00-14:00, we will have a miniseminar with the tentative title «Physics in particle therapy» at the department. We will come back with more information, it is however important to reserve the time. Rector who is a professor of medical physics will be giving the first lecture.

Have a good one,

Geir Anton

News and general information


  IFT seminar – horizon lecture

All are welcome to the upcoming horizon lecture where Bjørn Gjevik, professor emeritus UiO, will be giving a lecture:

Thursday October 17 at 15:15, Auditorium at VilVite. Service from 15:00.

  IFT seminar

All are welcome to the seminar where Margarida Rebelo, CERN, will be giving a lecture:

·       The Nobel Prize in Physics 2013


Friday October 18 at 14:15, Auditorium B. Coffee, tea and cake from 14:00.

As expected, the Nobel prize for the Higgs particle has been awarded to Francois Englert and Peter Higgs. The talk will review the discovery, the Higgs mechanism and the different contributions to the theory.

  Free documentary movie for UiB-employees – The origins of matter – The history of CERN and the search for the Higgs particle

In cooperation with BIFF, University of Bergen would like to offer its employees a sneak preview. PARTICLE FEVER is an entertaining documentary movie made by the director and scientist Mark Levinson.

The movie will be shown at Bergen Cinema on Monday October 14 at 17:30 and is free. Tickets can be obtained (max. 2 tickets per person) at the Bergen Cinema ticket counter by showing a valid employee card. First come first served !

The employees will also be offered discount on all movies during this year's Bergen International Film Festival BIFF. The employees can obtain tickets for 50 NOK (ordinary price is 85 NOK) at the Bergen Cinema ticket counter by showing a valid employee card. NB! This is valid only for BIFF-movies, not ordinary movies shown at Bergen Cinema. You can find more about this year's BIFF here.

  PÅ VEI October 15, 2013

Every fall, the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences and its department arrange PÅ VEI. The goal of the arrangement is to help first year students to think about their future work toward an Msc degree and the choice of occupation as well as helping them to have longterm goals during their studies. Read more here.

Most BSc students will not have lectures on Tuesday October 15 10:00-16:00 in order to be able to attend alo the presentation of this year's lecturer prize and career oriented lectures.

  Invitation to the education conference at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, UiB

The program for the faculty's education conference is now ready.


This year we have emphasized that the program should be directly useful for the lecturers and that the themes should lead to good dicussions about education among lecturers, students and others with interest in education. Both students and employees are welcome to attend the entire or parts of the conference. Contributors are both employees from the faculty, other faculties/departments at UiB and from the University of Copenhagen. We are especially glad that students will also contribute to the conference program.


Thursday October 17 in Aud. 1 at Realfagbygget. Register here. In case you do not wish to join the lunch, then please specify this in the comments field.


  Announcement of the faculty's funds and endowments for 2014

The deadline to apply for grants from the faculty specific funds and endowments is on December 1 2013. The grants made available to the various funds and endowments will be decided in February 2014. Announcement, application form and the statute can be found on the  faculty's home page.

  The winner of the lecturer prize 2012/13

Assoc. Prof. Thomas Spengler, Department of Geophysics, is named the lecturer of the academic year 2012/2013 at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.

  Announcement of Erasmus Organizing Mobility (OM)-funds

There are now new OM-funds available to the faculties for the academic year 2013/14. Scientific and administrative employees can apply for OM-funds to cover expenses related to activities that promote student mobility within the Erasmus program such as:

·     contact travels to create new collaboration agreements

·     contact travels with the purpose of quality assurance of agreements, etc.

·     arrangements which promote exchange within the Erasmus program

·     measures to integrate incoming Erasmus students

·     compilation of information material and similar.

Researcher exchange with University of Washington, USA and Memorial University of Newfoundland, Canada for the academic year 2014/2015.

It is now possible to apply for researcher exchange with University of Washington (UW) and Memorial University of Newfoundland (MUN). The stay can be used for research, teaching or a combination of these subject to agreement with the host institution. Applications shall be sent using a separate application form. The departments are asked to prioritize the applications before sending them over to the corresponding faculties within October 25, 2013.



  Trial lectures

MSc Martin Møller Greve will be giving the following trial lecture for the PhD-degree:

  • Giant battery for storage of renewable energy

Thursday October 17 at 13:15 in room 546, IFT.




H-bar is open every Friday 19:00-01:00.

On Tuesdays, every even numbered week, there will be pub-lectures at H-bar. More info on H-bar's facebook page.

H-bar is run by the Scientific Commitee and is primarily for students – employees are also welcome!

IFT in the media

Publications registered in ISI Web of Science


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o   BaBar Collaboration: Eigen G, Stugu B, Sun L et al.: Lees, J. P.; Poireau, V.; Tisserand, V.; et al.:  Measurement of the D*(2010)(+) Meson Width and the D*(2010)(+) - D-0 Mass Difference  PHYSICAL REVIEW LETTERS  Volume: 111   Issue: 11     Article Number: 111801   DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevLett.111.111801  

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o   Osland, P.; Pukhov, A.; Pruna, G. M.; Purmohammadi, M.: Phenomenology of charged scalars in the CP-violating inert-doublet model JOURNAL OF HIGH ENERGY PHYSICS  Issue: 4     Article Number: 040   DOI: 10.1007/JHEP04(2013)040  





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