Fredag 15. februar 2013

From the head of department

Ladislav Kocbach is the first APS referee from UoB who will be given the title tittelen "Outstanding Referee". The only Norwegian nominated in 2013. In total, 6 Norwegians have received the title (out of approximately 60 000 referees)


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News and general information



We have received a request from the Department of Mathematics on encouraging all users of MATLAB who are not actively using the programme to remember to log out, so that one does not "occupy" the license without actual need. The University of Bergen is paying for MATLAB-license which allows up to 150 simultaneous users. Late last Tuesday a situation occurred that several users were denied access to MATLAB since all of the licenses were registered as in use. This problem has, among other things, occurred due to MATLAB-course MAT102 which has the following groups.

 Renewable energy conference 2013 (previously known as the 7-mountain conference)

For the third year in a row a number of key actors, with Norsk Industri at the top, come together to organize a meeting place for supply industry, power producers, researchers and the academia. 

·        Renewable Energy Conference 2013

April 22-23, at Radisson Bryggen Hotel in Bergen.

Full-time students registered in spring semester 2013 can participate free of charge in the daily programme of the Renewable Energy Conference. Information on the conference programme and registration can be obtained here.

 The Nordic Physics days 12-14 June 2013

Dear colleague,

This is an invitation for the joint Nordic Physics Days, held in Lund 12-14 June 2013.

In the spirit of earlier Nordic Physics Days, the meeting will include plenary talks and parallel sessions in the areas covered by the different sections of the Nordic Physical Societes. In addition, there will be a panel discussion on large-scale facilities during the first evening and a laser show before the conference dinner during the second evening. And of course we will have a poster session in the exhibit area, which will also be available during coffee and lunch breaks. PhD students and teachers are encouraged to share their work! A presentation of the program and of the invited speakers is available at the conference website where you can now register for the conference. Please see more information about Registration and important dates.

 Bergen Summer Research School 2013: Food as a Global Development Challenge

The BSRS 2013 will resume its ordinary activities and is dedicated to the theme "Food as a Global Development Challenge''. The event will take place in the period 17th - 29th June, 2013. We offer 5 parallel doctoral /research courses, which will be bound together by joint lectures by high-profile keynote speakers, plenary discussions, and activities that promote societal involvement.  In addition to the doctoral courses, a set of plenary sessions and public meetings will reach out to the wider community in the overall perspective of global challenges.  For more information about these, please visit our link.

The online application form is now open and the deadline for application is 1st March 2013. For full information please visit our website.

 BTO & Sparebanken Vest invite researchers and employees to participate in our Idea Competition for 2013

They seek ideas with potential to solve real challenges in today’s society, big or small. The winning idea will receive a total sum of 300 000 NOK, to be awarded at the Grow Conference, 21 March. The winning idea will be selected by an external jury. To participate in the contest, please fill out the simple idea description form (no more than 2-3 pages) and send it in by 20th of February to

For more information and how to participate, see here. If you have any questions please contact Steffen Boga (414 59 203)

 Laboratory course for the new employees

The HMS-section of the Staff and Organization Department arranges


·       Laboratory course for the new employees.


Thursday, 7. March 2013, from 09:00 - 15:00 in Christiesgate 18, room 3.43 - 3.44.

The course is held by professional hygienists Anne Kristin Johannessen and Bente-Lise P. Lillebø of the Health Environment Security section. The course will provide the newly employed with the information on the relevant laes, regulations and guidelines. There will be emphasis on the importance of safe handling of chemicals, radioactive materials and biological hazards.  Protective clothing items, protection devices, and the handling of the waste are also among the central topics. Risk evaluation, exceptions and systematic HES-work will also be emphasized.

Those who want to participate in the course, should register with the UoB username and password via electronic registration, which is available in course description at the HMS-portal, latest by February 25. Questions about the course should be directed to the HMS-section’s senior consultant Torunn Saunes (55 58 87 35).



Funding for doctoral training activities

Candidates accepted to the PhD-study at the Department of Physics and Technology may apply for funding for research education activities. The applicants must be registered as PhD-student the present semester in order to apply. Applicants without any external economic support (Quota, University scholarships, Self-financing PhD-students) will be prioritized. Maximum amount is 15.000NOK, during the dr.scient.-/Ph.D-study.  Funding for the following activities can be applied for:

A)   Research stay at a foreign University or research institution

B)   Participation at advanced courses, workshops, symposia, conferences etc. (we don't cover the conference fee)

C)   Purchase of training/teaching at the Ph.D.-level

D)  Participation in courses/subjects/field courses resulting in credits and that are part of the individual study.

E)   Research courses in science subjects.

The doctoral training activity must be completed within 01.08.2012. Download the application form and send the application to Kristine Indahl Helle (room 348) by the deadline, 1st of march 2013.

  Trial Lectures

M.Phil. Muhammad Qasim will hold a PhD trial lecture by the following title:

  • The history of the universal gravitational constant

Tuesday, February 19, at 14:15 in room 292, IFT




H-bar is open every Friday from 19:00-01:00.

H-bar is run by the department’s Fagutvalget and is primarily aimed at department’s students – but the employees are also welcome!

Tuesday, February 19,  at 19:00, Professor Bjørn Dundas will hold a Pub Lecture entitled “Topology of the messy attic”, in h-bar. Every even-number week there will be a pub lecture at H-bar. More info at H-bars facebookside.

Publications registered in ISI Web of Science


o   Anchishkin, D.; Vovchenko, V.; Csernai, L. P.: Pionic freeze-out hypersurfaces in relativistic nucleus-nucleus collisions PHYSICAL REVIEW C  Volume: 87   Issue: 1     Article Number: 014906   DOI: 10.1103/PhysRevC.87.014906  



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