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Application and admission

Admission requirements

  • A Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree or equivalent in marine biology, geophysics (physical oceanography, meteorology, climate dynamics), physics or mathematics, with an absolute minimum of 10 ECTS mathematics and 10 ECTS statistics.

  • Proficiency in English, which is the official language of the programme. Non-Nordic students will need to document their English skills (TOEFL test or similar, other proofs of acquired English training). Depending on where the applicant comes from, he/she might be exempted from this obligation. As an example, applicants from a country within the EU/EEA who studied English as their first foreign language over a period of minimum seven years at compulsory/upper secondary school don't need to do a language test. See UiB-Homepage: English language requirements - exemptions for a full list of exemptions.

All students with a biology background are recommended to have as a minimum a basic understanding of partial differential equations and the main concepts of Classical mechanics (Newtonian Mechanics). For students with a background in physical oceanography/mathematics/physics, this is a requirement. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about this or other things.

Application Process for Norwegian citizens

The application process for all those already possessing a Norwegian ID-number can be found on UiB-homepage. In this case, the application deadline is 15 April.

Application Process for international applicants (taken from UiB-homepage, Applicants financing their own studies)

  • 2 October to 1 December:
    Applicants submit the online application form by 1 December (Online application form).

  • By 15 December:
    Applicants submit the required application documents* to Student Services by post.

  • 1 December to 1 February:
    Student Services registers the applications and processes applications for formal requirements.

  • By the middle of February:
    All applicants will receive an e-mail confirming the receipt of their application.

  • 1 February to 1 April:
    Processing of formally qualified applications by the admission committee at Faculty level.

  • By the middle of April:
    Student Services e-mails and sends Letters of Acceptance to accepted applicants (All applicants who are not offered admission will be informed by e-mail at the end of April.).

  • By 1 May:
    Accepted applicants return the form “Declaration - Confirmation of Acceptance” by fax (+47 55 58 90 25) or e-mail ( to accept the offer of admission.

  • By 15 May:
    Apply for housing - as soon as possible and before you apply for a residence permit.

  • By 1 June:
    Deposit money to SiB’s Deposit Account for International Students and apply for a residence permit- as soon as possible and by 1 June.

    Note: Applicants from a Nordic country or a country within EU/EEA do not have to deposit money or apply for a reseidence permit.

* Applicants are requested to send in the following documents:
  • application receipt and signed application cover sheet (signed by applicant)

  • Secondary School certificate

  • Transcript of records (an official statement listing courses/subjects you have completed at your university)

  • University degree certificate(s)/diploma(s)

  • Documentation of English language proficiency (See UiB-Homepage: English language requirements - exemptions for a list of exemptions.)

  • Relevant work experience (if applicable)

  • Personal statement (your motivation for applying, in English)

  • Recommendation letter(s)/references (personal statement from academic adviser/employer or equivalent)

  • Documentation of financing (non EU/EEA applicants)

  • Copy of your passport showing full name, date of birth, and photograph

The selection of successful candidates is based on prior background and results, relevance of the programme of study to the student's career intentions, and the personal letter.

Application for the academic year 2013/2014 will open in October 2012.

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