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Professor PhD Rolf Kristian Berge:

Professor PhD Rolf Kristian Berge
University of Bergen
Institute of Medicine


Berge is Professor of Clinical Biochemistry, Institute of Medicine, at the University of Bergen since 1990, and is the leader of the Lipid Research Group. His research is dedicated to studies of lipid metabolism in liver, muscle and adipose tissues and involves aspects of nutrition, food supplements and the study of regulatory mechanisms. Berge has initiated research on structural modified fatty acids, and explored the properties of a vast number of fatty acid analogues substituted with heteroatoms like S, Se and O at different positions of the carbon chain. Their multifunctional effects have been studied with respect to prevention and treatment of lipid disorders including cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and obesity. The last 30 years h e has been author/co-author of around 250 scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals and has supervised 21 PhD students and 20 master students.

Professor Rolf Kristian Berge will conduct studies in various animal models of metabolic disease to explore metabolic effects of specific lipid, peptides and amino acid derivatives on metabolic regulation. He has long experience in evaluating animal models after fatty acids and peptide administration involving mitochondria isolation, and determination of parameters such as transcription factors, coactivators, involved in mitochondrial biogenesis and proliferation, enzyme activation and mitochondrial metabolites. He has also conducted human clinical trials with modified fatty acids and the health effects of fish consumption.

Professor Berge is involved in several EU-projects; LipGen (integrated projects), NuGo (network), Cost Action program B-35 and FAO602. He manages a recently funded Nordic Centre of Excellence in food, nutrition and health. Berge has a long established collaborative network with many European research groups and has received EU funding as a Marie-Curie training site for PhD students and is participating in the EU funded integrated project: ”Diet, genomics and the metabolic syndrome”. Collaborators includes among others Prof. Bart Staels, Institute Pasteur de Lille, Frankrike (lipid metabolism and atherosclerosis), Dr. Andrew Miller, London Genetic therapy center, UK. (Novel modified fatty acids). Prof. J. Houstek, Department of Bioenergetics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, (Mitochondrial function).