Partner Presentation

CMO Reijo Laaksonen:

Dr CMO Reijo Laaksonen
Zora Biosciences OY


 Dr and CMO Reijo Laaksonen will provide efficient lipidomics and metabolomics platforms for the Centre based on state of the art mass spectrometry, proprietary bioinformatics software and solid infrastructure for dataintegration, mining and visualization . Thus, Zora will have an active role in the data handling and analyses. The goal of the Zora team is to identify novel biomarkers suitable to predicting mitochondrial function and certain related disease risk. Zora scientists have recently discovered mRNA fingerprints of mitochondrial dysfunction in skeletal muscle of patients on high dose lipid-lowering treatment. Importantly, in that study specific plasma biomarkers to evaluate changes in mitochondrial and inflammatory processes in humans were discovered. These unique markers are available to the Centre. Zora technology allows us to record changes in mitochondrial function in experimental and clinical trials and will be valuable while searching for new mitochondrial biomarkers in population based cohort studies. Zora has also ability to provide training for students in bioanalyses and biostatistics.