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Professor Ottar Nygård:

Professor Ottar Nygård
University of Bergen
Institute of Medicine


The scientific work of professor Ottar Nygård is mainly related to biomarkers, metabolites and B-vitamins involved in one-carbon metabolism based on data from large-scale population- and patient based studies. This scientific work has brought forward new knowledge relevant for establishing life-style habits including dietary habits as major determinants of total homocysteine levels and homocysteine as a risk marker of cardiovascular disease and mortality. He has long experience in human intervention studies and to evaluate their outcome in relation to markers of atherosclerosis or endothelial function. Based on the results of own and other studies indicating that homocysteine may not be a causative risk factor for cardiovascular disease, his research now focuses on the interaction between one-carbon and lipid metabolism including their joint influence on mitochondrial function and with emphasis on the influence from diet and obesity. The established biobanks with samples from intervention studies or from the population provide the possibility of analysing for novel metabolites and biological markers.