Training Activities

MitoHealth will emphasise training programs to promote efficient exchange of intellectual and methodological expertise between the participating institutions. Exchange of human capital within the Nordic countries is one of NordForsks major ideas when planning the NCoEs for food, nutrition and health. PhD. Students, technicians and Post. Docs will be employed at the different partner-institutions and planned to be trained in both their respective laboratories and at other laboratories in the consortium.

To summarize the different training and laboratorial activity, there will be held courses, workshops and seminars. The courses will be cross-sectional and involve partners from the different work packages as well as external researchers related to the project.


Activities 2013:

14-15 March in Copenhagen: Final Symposium for the Nordic Centres of Excellence in the Food, Nutrition and Health Programme

The main objective of the Nordic Centre of Excellence Programme is to create Nordic strength by promoting scientific excellence and enhancing Nordic research collaboration and mobility of researchers. The programme on Food, Nutrition and Health has been a joint effort to enhance the scientific quality and international visibility of Nordic research within Food, Nutrition and Health and to strengthen the knowledge base for public dietary recommendations. Understanding the links between diet and health is important for the development of effective interventions to help reduce diet-related diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Significant added value may be expected from close collaboration of strong complementary research groups and this can further contribute to an innovative product development within the Nordic food industries.

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Past Activities:

21-23 May: The MitoHealth annual meeting and Workshop was arranged in Middelfart, Denmark


"2nd Seminar on Health Aspects of the Nordic Diet" 17-18 November in Lund, Sweden.

Joint seminar arranged by the three centres in the NordForsk programme in Food, Nutrition and Health (MitoHealth, Sysdiet and Helga)


"Role of the intestine in health and disease" Workshop arranged in Lund, Sweden, 16 November


The 10th Yeast Lipid Conference, May 26-28, 2011, in Oulu, Finland

Organizers: Cooperation between Yeast Lipid Conference, Biocenter Oulu and MitoHealth

The MitoHealth Annual Meeting was be held in Odense 9 - 11 May 2011,

organised by the partners 3 and 7 at SDU.


Symposium in Mitochondrial Function and Health, Nov 11-12 2010in Oulu

The Symposium was organized by MitoHealth, and Biocenter Oulu Graduate School, University of Oulu, Oulu, Finland.


The MitoHealth Annual Meeting was arranged in Bergen 27-28 May 2010

Training and workshop for Phds and Postdocs


The Cardiometabolic Symposium May 25-26, Bergen

The symposium was organized as a collaboration between Institute of Medicine, University of Bergen, the
researcher networks COSTACTION, MitoHealth and the West-Norwegian Society
of Cardiology. The symposium included a poster session to expose local young researcher
within the topics covered by the symposium to key researchers in the field.


A Training course in Proteomics and nuclear receptors was arranged in Odense, Denmark 4-5 Nov 2009.


The MitoHealth Annual Meeting was arranged in Stockholm 6-8 May 2009


Workshop in Bergen 8-9 December 2008:

Mitochondrial function and metabolic diseases

The objectives of this workshop was to provide:

A better understanding of mitochondrial function in relation to metabolic regulation

A review of the role of mitochondrial dysfunction in disease development

A presentation of appropriate methodology for determining mitochondrial function and biogenesis including case studies with interpretation of analytical data

Links to presentations:
Tronstad: Oxygraph Demonstration
Tronstad: Dynamic control of mitochondrial function
Koopman: Microscopy Image Quantitation
Koopman: Morphology Function
Hesselink: Lipotoxicity and muscular mitochondrial dysfunction in insulin resistance Hesselink: In vivo measures of mito function
Ziegler: Role of NAD in bioenergetics and signaling pathways
Szewczyk: Mitochondrial ion channels in relation to oxidative injury
Thorsen: MR imaging of organs and tissues in laboratory animals
Hiltunen: Mitochondria in fatty acid breakdown and synthesis
Berge: Bioactive compounds for improving mitochondrial function

Workshop in Riga 16-18 April 2008:

Link to presentations: