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Programmet for høsten 2015 er kort, men fargerikt!


STED: "LUNSJROMMET" I REALFAGBYGGET, DE NATURHISTORISKE SAMLINGER. (tidl. Botanisk institutt), Realfagbygget, Allégaten 41, Bergen.
Tid: kl. 19.00

Julemøte tirsdag 1. desember:
John & Hilary Birks: «Alpine plants in the Chilean Andes»

In January 2015 we spent three weeks exploring the volcanic mountains south, north, and east of Santiago (the so-called Andes Mediterraneos) in central Chile and enjoying their spectacular alpine flora. Although we had previously visited Patagonia in Argentine five times and are relatively familiar with its flora, we were pleasantly surprised (and delighted!) that there is remarkably little in common between the alpine floras west and east of the great Andean chain at comparable latitudes (about 32 – 38 degrees S). As a result we saw a wonderful and often colourful alpine flora that was largely new to us. We saw several species belonging to spectacular genera such as Alstroemeria, Tropaeolum, Schizanthus, Cruckshanksia, and Rhodophila along with members of familiar Patagonian genera like Nassuavia, Viola, Azorella, Acaena, Oxalis, and Senecio (too many!) and a few global ‘bipolar’ alpines (e.g. Phleum alpinum, Trisetum spicatum, Armeria maritima, Carex maritima). Our talk will illustrate these spectacular Chilean mountains and their stunningly beautiful flora.

Med hilsen fra styret,

Per H. Salvesen,
Bergen, 21. oktober 2015

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