The location of the conference is Storefjell Resort Hotel at Golsfjellet.

You have to book your room by contacting the hotel directly. If you decide to cancel your booking at a later time, you are personally responsible for doing this.

The contact information is:


Phone:   32 07 85 00

Fax:        32 07 85 06   


Inform them that you are attending the conference arranged by Norwegian Society of Magnetic Resonance (Norsk Selskap for Magnetisk Resonans), and how long you want to stay.


1295 NOK pr. person pr. night in a single room.

  995 NOK pr. person pr. night in a shared double room.

  895 NOK pr. person pr. night in a shared triple room.

The prices given above include breakfast, lunch, dinner for the whole stay (also including lunch the day of departure). 

However, you will have to pay 400 NOK if you want to have lunch the day of arrival.