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Conference Speakers

We are honoured to welcome the following as our keynote speakers. Together they cover a range of disciplines and topics relevant to the exploration of Latin American Futures.


Dr. Kay WarrenKay Warren

Dr. Kay Warren is professor of International Studies and Anthropology at Brown University (USA) where she directs the Politics, Culture, and Identity Program at the Watson Institute for International Studies. Her numerous publications cover fields as transnationalism, foreign aid, trafficking in persons, community responses to violence, political minorities and social movements, indigenous rights, gender, religion and the anthropology of multi-cultural democracies, etc. To see selected publications and more information, please visit The Watson Institute.
Nolan lecture: “Transregional Futures for Latin Americans and Latin Americanists”


Dr. Nina LaurieNina Laurie

Dr. Nina Lauire is professor of Development and the Environment at the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology, at the University of Newcastle (UK). Her fields of interest include gender and development, natural resource distribution, and neo-liberalism, with a regional emphasis on Latin America. To see numerous publications and more information, please visit the School of Geography, Politics and Sociology.
Nolan lecture: “North South Collaborations: activist-academics and 'the learning of social movements' ”


Dr. Jorge BruceJorge Bruce

Dr. Jorge Bruce is psychoanalyst, with his own clinic in Lima (Peru). He also lectures in psychoanalysis at several universities, and is an active public debater through his Sunday column in the Lima newspaper "Perú 21", covering clinical, cultural, social, political and psycho-critical topics. His latest book, "Nos habíamos choleado tanto. Psicoanálisis y racismo", features the many aspects of racism in the Peruvian society.
Nolan lecture: "Psicoanálisis del Racismo en la clínica y en la cultura"


Dr. Manuel Alcántara SáezManuel Alcántara

Dr. Manuel Alcántara Saéz is professor in political science at the Department of Political Science and Administration, Universidad de Salamanca (Spain), and editor of the open access journal “América Latina Hoy”. He has published extensively, covering topics as political parties and elections, elites, and political reform in Latin America. For list of publications and further information, please see CV.
Nolan lecture: "La actual ola de 'gobiernos de izquierda' en
América Latina: presidentes y partidos"


Dr. Alfonso de Toro Alfonso de Toro

Dr. Alfonso de Toro is professor and Chair of Romance Literature and Cultural Studies in the field of France, Latin America, Spain and Portugal at the University of Leipzig (Germany). He is also the director of the trans-disciplinary Ibero-American Research Centre.  He has published extensively within his fields of interest, i.e. theory of literature, theatre, and culture. Please visit CV for more extensive information.
Nolan lecture: “¿Quo vadis Latinoamérica? Ciencias de las humanidades y ciencias sociales ¿Hacia una sociedad del conocimiento?”

Abstract to NOLAN lecture here