The school has finished.
Once more, we thank all the speakers and participants for joining us in Nordfjordeid.
If you have additional pictures you want displayed here, feel free to send them to us.
Upon Request: The poster as a .pdf file.  

The Summer School is organized by the Departments of Pure Mathematics of the universities of Bergen, Oslo, Tromsĝ and Trondheim, Norway as well as the Graduiertenkolleg 1150 "Homotopy and Cohomology" of the universities of Bonn, Bochum and Düsseldorf, Germany.
The school is aimed at young postdocs, PhD-students and advanced master-students from both fields (Algebra / Algebraic Geometry and Topology) who are interested in the respective other field, in interactions between the two and in applications of such.
To contact the Organizers please use one of the following:
(+47) 5558 2825
martin.stolz at
please put "Nordfjordeid" in the subject line.