The Abstracts for the lectures are now available.
Exercise Sheets for the lectures are available here: Rational Homotopy Theory, Operads (1, 2), String Topology and the Deligne Conjecture .
Aaron Mazel-Gee's Website which has a lot of the scripts of the lectures is Here
The slides for the lectures by Cohen (1, 2) and Loday (4) are also available now.  

The speakers for the main lecture series are:  
First part:
Jean-Louis Loday - Operads
Kathryn Hess - Rational Homotopy Theory
Marco Manetti - Lie Theory
Lennart Meier & Irakli Patchkoria - Model Categories
Second part:
James McClure - The Deligne Conjecture
Bruno Vallette - Homotopical Algebra with Operads
Stefan Schwede - Triangulated Categories
Ralph Cohen - String Topology
In addition there will be singular lectures on related research topics.
Jean-Louis Loday - Products of A-infinity Algebras
Kathryn Hess - New Proof of Deligne's Conjecture
Alexander Berglund - Minimal Koszul Models
Marcy Robertson - Model Structures for Operads
Constanze Roitzheim - Derived A-Infinity Algebras
The school is split into two parts, the first 3-4 days are more introductory and aimed mainly at advanced master- or beginning PhD-student level. There will be a strong focus on examples useful for the program of the second half.
Advanced participants are of course welcome for the introductory part, but should also feel free to join in on Monday for the second half of the school.