We charter busses going between Bergen and Nordfjordeid on June 2nd and June 12th.
If you are interested in taking these, but have not received a mail confirming this yet, contact us.

The bus on June 2nd will leave Bergen City at 5 p.m. exactly here ,
then go to the airport and leave from there at 6 p.m.
Details on the bus on June 12th will follow, we plan to reach Bergen at 1 p.m.

Coming from outside of Norway, you will probably fly to either Bergen (BGO) or Oslo (OSL) Airport. Convenient carriers are for example SAS, Norwegian, KLM, or Lufthansa.
From Oslo there are two options, either you continue flying to Sandane (SDN) Airport, the only carrier for that is Widerøe Airlines. If you tell us in advance when you will arrive in Sandane, there will be a transfer (taxi or bus) waiting for you at the airport. Note that you will have to go through customs in Oslo , so you will have to calculate additional time for going through security again.
The other option is taking a public bus. Note that the linked timetable is only valid until April 30th, the final summer schedule is not out yet . We are in contact with the operating company, and our latest information is that this route will have the same schedule. Tickets can be bought on the bus, but there are big (!) discounts, if you call in advance and travel in groups (or have an international student id).
From Bergen you have the option to take the chartered bus on June 2nd, approximately 6 p.m. from the airport. Enough people have expressed interest in this option, so that the price will not be higher than the less conveniently scheduled public bus. Again note that this is not the final schedule.
Another option is taking the Express Boat from Bergen to Måloy along the coast. From Måloy there is again a public bus taking you to Nordfjordeid. Tickets for the boat can be booked here, but we advise you to book in groups as there are very (!) big discounts, already for finite simple groups of order 2.
Also note that it will take you at least 45 minutes to an hour to get from the Airport to the Kai where the boats leave.
Whichever way of travel you chose - tell us as soon as you have dates, times and locations fixed. If you need help with booking or have any other questions, contact us as well.