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With a number of very active marine institutes nearby (i.e. the Institute of Marine Research, the Nansen Centre, the Norwegian Institute for Water Research), Bergen provides a stimulating education and research environment in a range of marine topics. The Geophysical institute (GFI) offers courses in meteorology, physical and chemical oceanography and climate research. The Department of Biology (BIO) offers a large number of courses in marine biology. Both institutes are engaged in the Bjerknes Centre for Climate Research.

[UiB Homepage] [GFI Homepage] [BIO Homepage] [Relevant study programmes at UiB] [List of relevant courses at UiB]

With about 18.000 students, Dalhousie University is the largest university in Atlantic Canada. It has the strongest oceanography faculty in Canada with high interdisciplinarity due to strong links between departments of Oceanography, Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Earth Sciences, Law and Marine Affairs. The Department of Oceanography currently has 20 professors and about 40-50 graduate students.

[DAL Homepage] [Dep. of Oceanography Homepage] [Relevant undergraduate programmes at Dalhousie University] [Relevant graduate programmes at Dalhousie University] [List of relevant courses at DAL]

Network partners:

Launched in summer 2011, the Halifax Marine Research Institute was founded to create a link between industry, universities, government and private institutions in the region of Halifax, Nova Scotia.

[HMRI Homepage]

Affiliated to the University of Bergen, the Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center is an independent non-profit research institution with a focus on basic and applied environmental and climate research.

[NERSC Homepage]

The Institute of Marine Research is Norway's largest centre of marine research with over 700 employees. Its headquarter can be found in Bergen, but research is also carried out in Tromsø, Matre, Austevoll, Flødevigen and on board of its research vessels. Research focusses on aquaculture and the ecosystems of the Barents Sea, the Norwegian Sea, the North Sea and the Norwegian coastal zone to advice the Norwegian authorities.

[IMR Homepage]

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