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Rolf Reed - new rector at UiB

The following team presents itself as a candidate in the University of Bergen (UiB) Rector Election for the period 2009-2013:

From left Rolf Reed, professor Head of the Department of Biomedicine
at the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry; Ernst Nordtveit, Professor
and Dean of the Law Faculty; Vice Rector for Education and Recruitment.
In the middle Lise Øvreås, Professor at the Department of
Biology and thematic leader at the Centre of Excellence in Geobiology both
at the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences.
(Photo: Paul-Erik Lillholm Rosenbaum, UiB)


1. Click on this link
2. Log on if necessary (use your regular user name and password). This will bring you to the ballot.
3. Tick the circular box to the left of the pair of candidates you wish to vote for (or vote “Blank”).
4. Click on “Submit response”. You are done.
PLEASE NOTE: Once the vote is given, it cannot be changed. If you are not sure who you want to vote for, it is better to leave and return to the vote when you have decided. DO NOT FORGET THE DEADLINE!
VOTE! - Rector Election 2009 (pdf)

Letter of support for Rolf Reed (På Høyden, 25.03.2009)
Election manifesto
Presentation of the team
Response to student demands (facebook)