The Norwegian-Spanish salted fish project



During 18th & 19th of March 2009 a research conference covering the topics of the salted fish project was held in Bergen. The first day of the seminar was carried out as an open project seminar with several guest speakers and participants, among them prominent representatives from the salted fish industry, invited researchers, as well as researchers representing the different part projects of the main project program. Also students and other staff from the Department of Geography, University in Bergen, participated.

The conference was opened by Project leader, Professor Knut Bjørn Lindkvist, University of Bergen, who gave an introduction to the salted fish project and its research problems. Next, Espen Hanson, Seafood Norway’s representative in Spain, presented the Spanish salted fish market: changes and challenges. After this, researcher Jens Østli from Nofima gave an introduction to consumer preferences and the use of focus groups in salted fish research in Portugal and Spain. Then, the director of Cape Fish AS, Bjørn Ronald Olsen, presented opportunities and challenges for a local salted fish producer in a time of financial crisis. This was followed by Director Carl Johan Pettersen, from Carl Johan AS, who shared his experiences from the first years after the millennium of establishing a Norwegian salted fish brand in Galicia, Spain. The program of the day finalized with a two hour lecture by Professor José Luis Sánchez, Department of Geography, University of Salamanca. He lectured on production rules (conventions) and innovations dominating natural based industries.

Day two of the conference was for the researchers and consortium members of the project only, and contained presentations and discussions of the different part projects and research goals. Among the speakers were the professors Torbjørn Trondsen, University of Tromsø (UiTø)/ Norwegian Fishery University, Knut Bjørn Lindkvist, UiB, Odd Inge Steen, UiB and Torbjørn Schei, Finnmark University College, the researchers Jinghua Xie, UiTø, Lorena Gallart Jornet, SINTEF, Ana Espinosa, University of Valencia, Inmaculada Martinez, Seville and Heidi Bjønnes Larsen, (research fellow, UiB).


Participants at the Workshop in Bergen at Fløyen 18th March. From the left: Jinghua Xie, UiT, Inma Martinez, Seville, Ana Espinosa, Alicante, Leif Haughom, Vardø VGS/The seafoodcenter, Jan Ove Johansen, EFF - Tromsø, Øivind Blokkum Øvre, EFF - Tromsø, Siren S. Juliussen, UiB.

Photo: Ana Espinosa