The Norwegian-Spanish salted fish project


The salted fish project meets the Spanish organisation for salted fish producers, ANFABASA

27th of May 2009 a meeting was held between the project leader of The Norwegian Spanish salted fish project, Knut Bjorn Lindkvist, and director general Ricardo Suescun president of ANFABASA. PhD-candidate Heidi Bjønnes Larsen and Ana Espinoza participated in the meeting.

ANFABASA is short for Asociacion nacional de fabricantes de bacalao y salazones. ANFABASA is formed by companies in the salted fish business, both companies producing traditional salted fish and more modern salted fish products may join. One of the reasons for starting this organisation has been the confusion concerning the understanding of ‘bacalao’ in Spain. According to Spanish regulations all products from cod need to be labelled ‘bacalao’. Inaccurate labelling makes it difficult for the consumer to know if they are buying desalted traditional salted fish or light salted fish. Amongst other issues ANFABASA wants to improve the labelling in order to make it easier for the consumer to find information on the different products. ANFABASA also wants to develop a homogeneous understanding for product parameters among salted fish producers. It is essential for ANFABASA to expand the marked for high quality salted fish products, both traditional and new.
The meeting took place in the meeting room at Seafood Norway in Madrid. The purpose of the meeting was to exchange information and discuss the possibility for further cooperation. Knut Bjørn Lindkvist presented the salted fish project and Ricardo Suescun gave a presentation of ANFABASA. ANFABASA had a positive attitude towards cooperating with The salted fish project. Lindkvist considered cooperation with ANFABASA enriching for the project. Details for further cooperation will be discussed in later meetings. It would be an advantage for all if members of ANFABASA and the members of The salted fish project were acquainted. Possibilities for organizing a meeting where members of ANFABASA and the members of The salted fish project were discussed. The first opportunity will be a get together in connection with the next workshop which probably will held in Spain spring 2010. All present at the meeting agreed that The salted fish project and ANFABASA have mutual interests and both will gain from cooperation and exchange of information.