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    This was a four-year research program financed by the European Science Foundation, and gathered researchers in the humanities and social sciences across Europe in a joint effort to further the research on the topic of the "Indvidual" and "society" in this region. As it was an important venture in our field, Eurames has included some information about it on this website.

    Click here to find a more detailed description of the general framework of the project.

    Below you find more detailed presentations of the contents and interests of the seven 'theme groups' into which the project was divided:

    1. Forms of belonging and modes of social integration
    2. Norms and oppositions
    3. Power relationships
    4. Modes of production
    5. Images and representations
    6. Religious activity and experience
    7. Muslims in contemporary Western Europe
    • Final report: The full report of the activities of the program.
    Click here for a tabluar survey of earlier workshops and seminars of 1997, and here for a survey of activities of the first three years, 1996-99.

    The chairman of the programme was Professor Robert Ilbert (Aix-en-Provence), and the research co-ordinator Dr. Randi Deguilhem (IREMAM, Aix, fax +33-4220 5111). In Strasbourg, the organizer of the programme was Madelise Blumenroeder.

    The programme has resulted in the publication of a number of books. Among these are:

    Published in Paris by Maisonneuve & Larose, in the Collection Individu et société dans le monde méditerranéen musulman (with articles in French or English):

    • Paroles d'islam. Individus, sociétés et discours dans l'islam européen contemporain / Islamic Words. Individuals, Societies and Discourse in Contemporary European Islam, ed. Felice Dassetto. Paris 2000, 316 pp. ISBN 2-7068-1437-3
    • Conversions islamiques. Identités religieuses en Islam méditerranéen / Islamic Conversions / Religious Identities in Mediterranean Islam, ed. Mercedes Garcia-Arenal. Paris 2002, 460 pp. ISBN 2-7068-1574-4
    • Pauvreté et richesse dans le monde musulman méditerranéen / Poverty and wealth in the Muslim mediterranean world, ed. Jean-Paul Pascual. Paris 2003, 308 pp. ISBN 2-7068-1719-4.

    Published in London by I.B. Tauris in the collection "The Islamic Mediterranean" (with articles in English):

    • Writing the Feminine. Women in Arab Sources, ed. Manuela Marin and Randi Deguilhem. London 2002, 278 pp. ISBN 186064-697-2
    • Money, Land and Trade. An Economic History of the Muslim Mediterranean, ed. Nelly Hanna. London 2002, 295 pp. ISBN 1-86064-699-9
    • Outside In. On the Margins of the Modern Middle East, ed. Eugene Rogan. London 2002, 295 pp. ISBN 1-86064-698-0

      In press or preparation:

    • The Person and the Law: Legal Transformations in the Middle East, ed. Baudouin Dupret (2004)
    • Constitutions of Property Rights in Comparative Perspective in the Middle-East, ed. Huri Islamoglu (2004)
    • Crafts and Craftsmen of the Middle East: Fashioning the Individual in the Muslim Mediterranean, ed. Suraiya Faroqhi et Randi Deguilhem (2004)
    • Subversity and the Individual in Classical, Modern and Contemporary Arab Literature, ed. Robin Ostle and Remke Kruk (2005)
    Published by Paul Roubaud, Aix-en-Provence, in the collection "Individu et société dans le monde méditerranéen musulman"
    • Individu et société dans le monde méditerranéen musulman. Questions et sources / Individual and Society in the Mediterranean Muslim World. Issues and Sources, ed. Randi Deguilhem, Aix-en-Provence 1998, 160 pp. ISBN 2-9512731-0-X
    • Voix marginales dans la littérature et la société : Individu et Société dans le Monde Méditerranéen Musulman, ed. Robin Ostle, Aix-en-Provence 2000, 214 pp. ISBN 2-9512731-8.
    Published by Institut Français d'Archéologie Orientale (IFAO), Cairo, in the collection "Individu et société dans le monde méditerranéen musulman"
    • Education et socialisation de l'enfant dans les sociétés musulmanes de la Méditerranéenne médiévale et moderne, ed. François Georgeon et Klaus Kreiser, in preparation, 2004
    • Individu et rapports au pouvoir dans les sociétés musulmanes de la Méditerranéenne moderne et contemporaine, ed. Abdelhamid Hénia, in preparation, 2004
    Other publishers:
    • Conscious Voices. Concepts of Writing in the Middle East, ed. Stephan Guth, Priska Furrer and Johann Christoph Bürgel, Beirut, German Oriental Institute, Beiruter Texte und Studien, band 72, 1999, 332 pp. ISBN 3-515-07507-0
    • Under the Olive Tree. Reconsidering Mediterranean Politics and Culture, ed. Aini Linjakumpu and Kirsi Virtanen, Tampere, University of Tampere Research Institute, Occasional Papers, nr. 73, 1997, ISBN 951-706-168-4
    • Individuals, Ideologies and Society. Tracing the Mosaic of Mediterranean History, ed. Kirsi Virtanen, Tampere, University of Tampere Research Institute, Research Report, nr 89, 2000, ISBN 951-706-168-2
    • Social Compass, v. 46 (3), 1999, special issue on Conversions to Islam in Europe / Conversions à l'islam en Europe (10 articles)

    The official home page for the ISMM project is at the ESF site in Strasbourg. Click on the ESF logo below to consult this.

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