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    Links for the Arabic Macintosh

    Below are some links relevant for the Arabic Mac, and a bit more.

    User Groups

    Generally on Arabic computing

    Mac software

    >> See Arabic Programs for the Mac for a fuller list of programs useful for Arabic.

    Hardware: Keyboards and keyboard stickers

    Other programs or links of relevanceLanguage, teaching software

    Other platforms


    Arabic on the Net

    Online toolsOnline resources

    Collections of links


    Sources for Arabic Fonts
    >> See discussion and more links on the Arabic fonts page.

    -- Fonts for Arabic Mac (system 10.2 and higher):

    -- Arabic OpenType fonts (system 10.5 and higher)-- Commercial sites:-- The Kalimat and simililar systems (non-Unicode) Other links and documentsOn UnicodeUnicode fonts >> See fuller list of fonts for transcription of Arabic at the Writing Arabic in Roman page.


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