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    An informal resource centre

    This is a personal site where I have collected various information and comments concerning the use of Arabic and related scripts on the computer and on the Internet; and in particular on the Macintosh, the primary computer for such work in my opinion. It is a private site, reflects only my own personal knowledge and opinions, not those of any of the companies mentioned on this site. I do not answer for them, they do not answer for me.

    The site is composed around the main themes:

  • How does Arabic work on the Macintosh?
  • What programs and fonts are available for Arabic, and how well do they work?
  • How can we write Arabic in academic transcription? What fonts are there for this use?

    In addition, more for academics in Middle Eastern studies than for Arabic computing per se, there is a review of a batch of academic reference programs (EndNote and its more recent rivals) to see how useful they are for scholars in our field who want to create an electronic "library" and sort out their bibliographies.

    The site also contains some historical notes, in particular on problems related to using languages other than English on the Net. These problems are mostly resolved today, so this section can now be filed under esoterica, but the notes here may be useful if something appears strange in Arabic or other non-English net communication.

  • Arabic on the Mac

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    Classical section: How it used to work

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