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  • Satellite TV in Europe

    On these pages you can find a few things related to satellite TV.

  • European satellite TV
    A 'FAQ' (or Introduction, in normal language) on what you should know before considering installing a satellite dish in Europe. A summary of what kind of channels you can pick up on which satellite, what sort of equipment you need to get for each alternative, and some very simple explanations of what the various things actually mean. (This introduction was fully rewritten in April 2001 to include digital satellite TV.)

  • What is Digital Satellite TV?
    A FAQ specifically on Digital Satellite TV, written by Chris Muriel, which gives a more technical information on how digital TV works, and discusses the various brands of digital receivers that are on the market at this moment, and how they do, or rather, do not, work together with each other (revised June 2000).

  • Analogue channels list (Outdated)
    To get a good and up-to-date channel lists, you should go to the SatcoDX or Lyngsat pages. The list here was made in the mid-1990s, with the then current analogue channels presented according to language. The list has not been kept up to date, and many of the channels have gone; some are still there.

  • Global village or cable in the sky?
    On a similar historical note, I include a note with some musings I made in a debate back in the early 1990s, on the problem of TV encryption and national boundaries: the failure of the European ideal in a field where even I on the outside of the Union would have like to see it work. (1994-95)

    Here are some other interesting sites for TV-related things (not updated since 1997):

    (partly stolen from Peter Forkes's listing)

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