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Library catalogue: Subjects 5: U-UT

U -- Africa

PAD -- The African experience, by John N. Paden. 3 bd. Evanston 1968

U 011
AFR -- Africa. Maxwell AB, AL 1985
AFR -- African history. New York 1993
BAK -- Les élites africaines au pouvoir, by Tessy D. Bakary. Bordeaux 1990
BER -- Les villes secondaires d'Afrique noire (1970-1997), by Monique Bertrand. Bordeaux 1997
BEY -- Africa south of the Sahara, by Barry K. Beyer. New York 1969
CAM -- CAMP Catalog. Waltham, MA 1972
CON -- Africa south of the Sahara, by Helen F. Conover. Washington 1957
CON -- Introduction to Africa, by Helen F. Conover. Washington 1952
CON -- Serials for African Studies, by Helen F. Conover. Washington 1961
FAU -- Entrepreneurs et enterprises d'Afrique subsaharienne:, by Y.-A. Faurépar . Bordeaux 1993
FRE -- Manuscript collections of Africana in Rhodes House Library, Oxford, by Louis B. Frewer. Oxford 1968
HOG -- The African Slave Trade and its Suppression, by Peter C. Hogg. København 1973
KRA -- African women, by Laura Kratochvil. Cambridge 1974
MAR -- A bibliography of African regionalism, by Jane Martin. Boston 1969
OFA -- Arabic Literature of Africa, by Rex Sean O'Fahey. Leiden 1994
REG -- Register. Henry Shelton Sanford Papers. Nashville 1960
SAN -- Female genital mutilation, by Lilian Passmore Sanderson. London 1986
SUD -- Sudan-Chad Bibliography: The Tubiana Collection. n.p. n.d. (Fotokopi)

U 013
AFR -- African Studies Association membership directory 1992. Atlanta 1992
BRA -- Directory of African Studies in United Kingdom Universities, by R.E. Bradbury. Birmingham n.d. [c. 1969]
DIR -- Directory of African Studies in United States. Waltham, MA 1971

U 030
AFR -- Africa south of the Sahara. London 1989
LEG -- Africa contemporary record, by Colin Legum. Exeter 1969
LEG -- Africa contemporary record, by Colin Legum. Exeter 1970
LEG -- Africa contemporary record, by Colin Legum. London 1971

U 070
HAC -- Muffled drums, by William A. Hachten. n.p. 1971

U 100
AFR -- African worlds. London 1963

U 230
VER -- Vernacular Christianity. Oxford 1988

U 270
AFR -- African Islam and Islam in Africa. London 1997
BRE -- Islam in Africa, by Mahmud Brelvi. Lahore 1964
GAL -- Islam and the emergence of the Ndendeuli, by Joseph T. Gallagher. Ann Arbor 1971 (Mikroform)
ISL -- Islam in tropical Africa. London 1966

U 300
ABR -- The Mind of Africa, by W.E. Abraham. London 1967
AFR -- Africa. Social problems of change and conflict. San Fransisco 1965
AFR -- African perspectives in Development. Joensuu 1994
CON -- Continuity and change in African cultures. Chicago 1965
GUN -- Inside Africa, by John Gunther. New York 1955
HER -- The human factor in changing Africa, by Melville J. Herskovits. New York 1962
JOY -- Emerging Africa, by Charles R. Joy. New York 1963
PLU -- Pluralism in Africa. Berkeley 1971

U 301
HOS -- The Hosken Report, by Fran P. Hosken. New York 1982
SAN -- Against the mutilation of women, by Lilian Passmore Sanderson. London 1981

U 304
DRO -- Drought in Africa - Sécheresse en Afrique 2. London 1977
ECO -- Ecology and politics. Uppsala 1989
HAN -- Population, migration and urbanization in Africa, by William A. Hance. New York 1970

U 306
BOH -- Africa and Africans, by Paul Bohannan. New York 1964
MAL -- The dynamics of culture change, by Bronislaw Malinowski. New Haven 1961
SEL -- Egypt and Negro Africa, by C.G. Seligman. London 1934

U 320
AFR -- Africa. The primacy of politics. New York 1966
AFR -- African studies in social movements and democracy. Dakar 1995
DAV -- Can Africa survive?, by Basil Davidson. Boston 1974
GUT -- Military régimes in Africa, by W.F. Gutteridge. London 1975
HUM -- Human rights in Africa. Washington 1990
LEG -- Pan-Africanism, by Colin Legum. New York 1962
MAM -- Some reflection on the question of democracy and development in the African experience, by Mahmood Mamdani. 1987 (Småskrift)
MUN -- Africa: Problems in the transition to Socialism: Introduction, by Barry Munslow. London 1986 (Småskrift)
PER -- Y a-t-il une vie après le pouvoir?, by Sandrine Perrot. Bordeaux 1996
PER -- Y a-t-il une vie après le pouvoir?, by Sandrine Perrot. Bordeaux 1996
POL -- The political awakening of Africa. Englewood Cliffs 1965
WAL -- Africa. The politics of unity, by Immanuel Wallerstein. New York 1964

U 325
BIR -- Across the Savannas to Mecca, by J.S. Birks. London 1978

U 327
AFR -- African boundary problems. Uppsala 1969
MOR -- The USSR and Africa, by David Morison. London 1964
RHE -- La Corée du sud et l'Afrique, by Sang-Hon Rhee. Bordeaux 1993
RIV -- Africa and the West, by Arnold Rivkin. London 1962

U 330
FRA -- Capital investment in Africa, by S. Herbert Frankel. London 1938
KAM -- The economics of African development, by Andrew M. Kamarck. New York 1971
OBR -- The political economy of development and underdevelopment, by Jay O'Brien. Khartoum 1979
SIN -- État, développement et rationalité en Afrique, by Alice Nicole Sindzingre. Bordeaux 1994
STR -- Capital for Africa, by Paul Streeten. London 1971 (Småskrift)
ZAR -- The politics of trade negotiations between Africa and the European Economic Community, by I. William Zartman. Princeton 1971

U 340
AND -- Islamic law in Africa, by J. N. D. (James Norman Dalrymple) Anderson. London 1978.
GOD -- Africa's shared water resources, by Bonaya Adhi Godana. London 1985

U 400
REC -- Recent German research on Africa: Language and culture. Bonn 1982

U 409
GRE -- The languages of Africa, by Joseph A. Greenberg. Bloomington 1963

U 610
MAK -- Khifad al-mar'ah, by Faysal Muhammad Makki Amin. Umm Durman 1990

U 630
JON -- Marketing crops in tropical Africa, by William O. Jones. Ithaca 1972

U 792
CAM -- Grain de vision. Afrique noire, drame et liturgie, by Sory Saba Djadjé Camara. Bordeaux 1993

U 809
GÉR -- Four African literatures, by Albert Gérard. Berkeley 1971

U 902
OXF -- Oxford regional economic atlas. Africa. Oxford 1970

U 909
AFR -- African studies in Africa. Khartoum 1981
MAQ -- Africanity, by Jacques Maquet. London 1972
MAQ -- Africanity, by Jacques Maquet. London 1972
MAQ -- Africanity, by Jacques Maquet. New York [1972]

U 915
WOM -- Women's voices on Africa. Princeton 1992

U 920
OLI -- Sir Harry Johnston & the Scramble for Africa, by Roland Oliver. London 1964
PER -- Lugard, by Margery Perham. 2 bd. London 1956-60

U 929
AFR -- Africa discovers her past. London 1970
AFR -- Africa discovers her past. London 1970

U 930
BEN -- African and Europe, by Norman Robert Bennett. New York 1975
CUR -- African history, by Philip D. Curtin. Washington 1964
DAV -- A guide to the history of Africa, by Basil Davidson. New York 1965
DAV -- Africa in History, by Basil Davidson. London 1968
DAV -- Africa. History of a continent, by Basil Davidson. New York 1966
DAV -- Old Africa rediscovered, by Basil Davidson. London 1961
DAV -- Slavery and human progress, by David Brion Davis. New York 1986
DAW -- The Dawn of African History. London 1961
GAI -- History of Africa, by Harry A. Gailey. New York 1970
GOO -- Technology, Tradition and the State in Africa, by Jack Goody. London 1980
JUL -- A history of the African people, by Robert W. July. New York 1974
MAC -- Africa emergent, by W.M. Macmillan. Harmondsworth 1949
MAC -- Africa emergent, by W.M. Macmillan. Harmondsworth 1949
OLI -- A short history of Africa, by Roland Oliver. Harmondsworth 1964
OLI -- Afrikas historia, by Roland Oliver. Sth. 1967
SLA -- Slavery and other forms of unfree labour. London 1988
WIE -- A history of Africa, by Donald Lawrence Wiedner. New York 1962
WIE -- A history of Africa, by Donald Lawrence Wiedner. New York 1964

U 931
HEA -- The tentacles of progress, by Daniel R. Headrick. New York 1988

U 935
ARD -- African genesis, by Robert Ardrey. New York n.d.
ARD -- African genesis, by Robert Ardrey. New York 1963
PAP -- Papers in African Prehistory. Cambridge 1970

U 940
ARA -- Arabskie istotsjniki . Moskva - Leningrad 1960

U 960
MID -- The Middle Age of African History. London 1967

U 970
BRU -- Le partage de l'Afrique noire, by Henri Brunschwig. Paris 1971
GAN -- The Rulers of British Africa, by L.H. Gann. Stanford 1978
OLI -- Africa since 1800, by Roland A. Oliver. Cambridge 1967

U 980
APR -- Apropos of Africa. New York 1971
HOW -- Black Africa, by Russel Warren Howe. New York 1966
LOU -- Great Britain and Germany's lost colonies 1914-1919, by Wm. Roger Louis. Oxford 1967
SUR -- French colonialism in tropical Africa, by Jean Suret-Canale. New York 1971
WAL -- Contemporary Africa, by T. Walter Wallbank. Princeton 1956
WIL -- The imperial experience in Sub-Saharan Africa since 1870, by Henry S. Wilson. Minneapolis 1977

U 990
KAH -- Decolonization in Britain & France, by Miles Kahler. Princeton 1984

UM -- North Africa

UM 270
ANA -- Tendances et courants de l'Islam arabe contemporain, by Georges C. Anawati. Grynewald 1982-
ISL -- Islamic dilemmas, reformers, nationalists and industrialization. Berlin c1985

UM 300
MAN -- Man, state, and society in the contemporary Maghrib. London 1973
MEL -- Le tiers monde et le Maghreb dans les recherches sociales en Finlande et dans les pays nordiques, by Tuomo Melasuo. 1978 (Småskrift)
STA -- State and society in independent North Africa. Washington 1966
TOU -- Le Maghreb, by Mohsen Toumi. Paris 1982
ZUD -- Agrarnye preobrazovanija i razvitie selskogo khoziajstva v stranakh Magriba, by Larisa Petrovna Zudina. Moskva 1983.

UM 306
ARA -- Arabs and Berbers. London 1973
MON -- The Berbers, by Robert Montagne. London 1973

UM 320
MAK -- Politicheskie partii v perekhodnom obshchestve, by Vladimir Il'ich Maksimenko. Moskva 1985.

UM 327
EDU -- Samarbete i Maghreb, by Maud Eduards. Stockholm 1985

UM 330
KUK -- Neft i razvitie, by Vladimir Jurevich Kukushkin. Moskva 1985
TIA -- Le développement économique du Maghreb, by André Tiano. Paris 1968
ZAL -- Rapporto Maghreb, by Franco Zallio. Torino 1996

UM 630
AGR -- Agrarische Vorstellungen in Nordafrika. Stuttgart 1984

UM 890
RES -- Algerisch-tunesische Briefe, by Oskar Rescher. 3 bd. Berlin 1917 - 19 (Småskrift)

UM 899
EPR -- Épreuves d'écritures maghrébines. Aix 1994

UM 920
GLA -- Travels of Alexine, by Penelope Gladstone. London 1970

UM 930
HIR -- A history of the Jews in North Africa, by H.Z. Hirschberg. Leiden 1974
MEZ -- Maghreb, ett islamiskt samhälle i historiskt sociologiskt perspektiv, by Abdesselam Meziane. Göteborg 1984
NOR -- Northern Africa: Islam and modernization. London 1973

UM 940
ABD -- Zavoevanie Egipta, al-Magriba i al-Andalusa, by 'Abd al-Rahman Ibn 'Abd al-Hakam. Moskva 1985.

UM 990
AMI -- The Maghreb in the modern world, by Samir Amin. Harmondsworth 1970

US -- Egypt

US 011
MAK -- Egypt, by Ragai N. Makar. Oxford c1988
MAN -- Dalil al-matbu'at al-misriyah, by Ahmad Muhammad Mansur. al-Qahirah 1975

US 012
KOT -- Pisateli Egipta, XX vek :, by N. K, (Nikolaj Konstantinovich) Kotsarev. Moskva : 1976

US 070
HAR -- The Arabic Press of Egypt, by Martin Hartmann. London 1899

US 230
MUQ -- Alexandrinsche Patriarchen-geschichte , by Sawiriyus Ibn al-Muqaffa'. Hamburg 1912

US 270
BER -- Islam in Egypt today, by Morroe Berger. London 1970
GAF -- The prophet's pulpit, by Patrick D. Gaffney. Berkeley 1994

US 271
I F -- I Fratelli Musulmani e il dibattito sull'islam politico. Torino 1996

US 271
MAM -- Islam i problemy sotsialno-kulturnogo razvitija arabskikh stran, by A. M. (Abutalyb Mutallim ogly) Mamedov. Baku 1986.
MIT -- The Society of the Muslim Brothers, by R. P. Mitchell. 1969
MIT -- The society of the Muslim brothers, by Richard P. Mitchell. London 1969

US 274
BIE -- Egypt, by Nicolaas H. Biegman. Kegan Paul International 1990
GIL -- Saint and Sufi in modern Egypt, by M. Gilsenan. 1973
JAF -- Al-Kanz al-thari fi manaqib al-Ja'fari, by 'Abd al-Ghani Salih al-Ja'fari. al-Qahirah 1990
JAF -- Da'wat al-faraj, by Salih al-Ja'fari . al-Qahirah 1990
JAF -- Dars al-jumu'ah bi-al-Azhar, by Salih al-Ja'fari . 2 bd. al-Qahirah 1988-91
JON -- Turuq and Turuq-linked institutions in nineteenth century Egypt, by F. de Jong. Leiden 1978
JON -- Turuq and turuq-linked institutions in nineteenth century Egypt, by Frederick De Jong. Leiden 1978
NAJ -- Al-Turuq al-sufiyah fi Misr, by 'Amir al-Najjar. al-Qahirah 1986
RAD -- Al-Insaniyah, by Salamah ibn Hasan al-Radi. al-Qahirah 1407 / 1987
RAD -- Al-Nafhah al-Muhammadiyah fi al-hikmah al-ruhaniyah, by Salamah ibn Hasan al-Radi. al-Qahirah 1981
RAD -- Al-Rasa'il al-Hamidiyah , by Salamah ibn Hasan al-Radi. al-Qahirah 1407 / 1987
RAD -- Fuyudat Hamidiyah, by Salamah ibn Hasan al-Radi. al-Qahirah 1404 / 1984
RAD -- Lamhat Hamidiyah , by Ibrahim Salamah al-Radi. al-Qahirah 1407 / 1987
RAD -- Mawa'iz Hamidiyah , by Salamah ibn Hasan al-Radi. al-Qahirah 1404 / 1984
RAD -- Mazhar al-kamalat fi mawlid Sayyid al-ka'inat, by Salamah ibn Hasan al-Radi. al-Qahirah 1407 / 1987
RAD -- Nasa'ih Hamidiyah , by Ibrahim Salamah al-Radi. Cairo 1981
RAD -- Qanun Tariqat al-sadah al-Hamidiyah al-Shadhiliyah, by Salamah ibn Hasan al-Radi. al-Qahirah 1981

US 300
COO -- The transformation of Egypt, by Mark N. Cooper. Baltimore, Md. 1982
COO -- The transformation of Egypt, by Mark Neal Cooper. London 1982
EGY -- Egypt: internal challenges and regional stability. London 1988
LAA -- Egypt under pressure, by Marianne Laanatza. Uppsala 1986
RIC -- Rich and poor states in the Middle East. Boulder, Colo. 1982
RYE -- Egypten, by Gorm Rye Olsen. Kbh. 1993
ÄGY -- Ägypten. Tybingen 1977

US 301
HAR -- The political mobilization of peasants, by Iliya Harik. Bloomington 1974
KOF -- Den muslimske kvinde genfortalt, by Lene Kofoed Rasmussen. København 1999 (Avhandling)
MES -- Ibn al-balad, by Sawsan Messiri. Leiden 1978
NIE -- The poor man's model of development, by C.A.O. van Nieuwenhuijze. Leiden 1985
RUS -- Siwa und die Aulad Ali, by Walter Rusch. Berlin 1988
ZAH -- New settlements and environmental harmony, by Mohsen Moharram Zahran. 2 bd. Ann Arbor 1966 (Mikroform)

US 306
AMM -- Growing up in an Egyptian village, by Hamid M. 'Ammar. London 1954
AMM -- Growing up in an Egyptian village, by Hamid M. 'Ammar. London 1966
BLA -- The Fellahin of Upper Egypt, by Winifred S. Blackman. London 1968
CAL -- Life-crisis rituals among the Kenuz, by Charles Callender. Cleveland, OH 1971
FAH -- Egyptian Nubians, by Husayn Muhammad Fahim. Salt Lake City 1983
FAH -- The resettlement of Egyptian Nubians , by Husayn Muhammad Fahim. Ann Arbor 1969 (Mikroform)
FAK -- Kafr el-Elow, by Hani' Fakhuri. New York 1972
KEN -- Bedouin justice, by Austin Kennett. Cambridge 1925
KEN -- Bedouin justice, by Austin Kennett. London 1968
MUH -- Quest for order among Awlad Ali of the Western Desert of Egypt, by Safiyah K. Muhsin. Ann Arbor 1971 (Mikroform)
OBE -- Structure and authority in a Bedouin tribe, by Gerald Joseph Obermeyer. Ann Arbor 1968 (Mikroform)
PAR -- Fra seil til motor, by Leif Pareli. Bergen 1981
SPR -- Family, power, and politics in Egypt, by Robert Springborg. Philadelphia 1982.
WIK -- Fattigfolk i Cairo, by Unni Wikan. Bergen 1973
WIK -- Life among the poor in Cairo, by Unni Wikan. London 1980

US 320
ABB -- Al-Harakah al-'ummaliyah fi marhalat al-tahawwul, by Kamal 'Abbas. al-Qahirah 1994
BIN -- In a moment of enthusiasm, by Leonard Binder. Chicago 1978
CHA -- The charter. Cairo <1962?>
'AB -- Parliamentary elections in Egypt, by Ahmad 'Abd Allah. Amsterdam 1995 (Småskrift)
HUS -- Class conflict in Egypt : 1945-1970, by Mahmud Husayn. New York 1973
KRÆ -- Ägypten unter Mubarak, by Gudrun Krämer. Baden-Baden 1986
MAY -- The institutions and politics of rural Egypt, by James Bruce Mayfield. Ann Arbor 1968 (Mikroform)
YAS -- Al-Yasar al-Misri wa-tahawulat al-duwal al-ishtirakiyah. al-Qahirah 1992

US 325
PHI -- The Syrians in Egypt, 1725-1975, by Thomas Philipp. Stuttgart 1985
SEL -- Gone for good?, by Ralph R. Sell. Cairo 1987

US 327
AGS -- Von k.k. Konsularagentie zum Österreichischen Generalkonsulat, by Rudolf Agstner. Kairo 1993
BOU -- Egyptian Diplomacy in 1988, by Boutros Boutros Ghali. Cairo 1989 (Småskrift)
DIB -- Al-Diblumasiyah al-Misriyah fi Ifriqiya. al-Qahirah 1989
FRI -- Sadat and Begin, by Melvin A. Friedlander. Boulder 1983

US 330
AMI -- Egypt's economic predicament, by Galal A. Amin. Leiden 1995
AMI -- Food supply and economic development, by Galal A. Amin. London 1966
AMI -- Food supply and economic development, by Jalal A Amin. London 1966
BAR -- The growth, location, and structure of industry in Egypt, by Kenneth Michael Barbour. New York 1972
EFI -- Planirovanie i razvitie ekonomiki Egipta, by E. S. (Eduard Sergeevich) Efimov. Moskva 1990
FAH -- Dams, people and development, by Husayn Muhammad Fahim. New York 1981
HAN -- Employment opportunities and equity in a changing economy, by Bent Hansen. Geneva 1982
ISA -- Al-Masar al-iqtisadi fi Misr wa-siyasat al-islah, by Ibrahim Hasan al-'Isawi. al-Qahirah 1989
MUR -- Masir al-qita' al-'amm fi Misr, by Fu'ad Mursi. al-Qahirah 1987
RAK -- Inostrannyj kapital v ekonomike Egipta, by N. S. (Nikolaj Sergeevich) Rakovskij. Moskva 1983.
STU -- Studies in Egyptian political economy. Cairo 1983
SUK -- Sadd-el'-Aali, by Georgij Ivanovich Sukharev. Moskva 1983
VOL -- Sotsialno-ekonomicheskaia struktura egipetskoj derevni, 1952-1970 gg, by Sergej Nikolaevich Volkov. Moskva 1979

US 340
OMV -- Sharia i den moderne egyptiske rettspleien, by Ole Reinert Omvik. Bergen 1998 (Avhandling)
SKO -- Defining Islam for the Egyptian State, by Jakob Skovgaard-Petersen. Leiden 1997

US 350
SYS -- Systems of social security. Egyptian and German experiences. Cairo 1995

US 370
HUS -- The future of culture in Egypt, by Taha Husayn. New York (1954) 1975
MAR -- Al-Mar'ah wa-ta'lim al-kubbar. al-Qahirah 1989
PED -- Al-Azhar, et muhammedansk universitet, by Johannes Pedersen. København 1922
SAN -- University education and the labour market in the Arab Republic of Egypt, by B.C. Sanyal. New York 1982
SHA -- History of Muslim education, by Ahmad Shalabi. Beirut 1954

US 390
HAB -- Umm Kulthum wa bint al-balad (Umm Kulthum and a daughter of the country), by Nadia Habib. York, ON 1995
SCH -- Beiträge sur Kenntnis des Lebens der mohammedanishcen Städter, Fellachen und Beduinen im heutigen Ägypten, by Friedrich Schwally. Heidelberg 1912
SUN -- A new teaching method in noneuropean ethnology, by Lars Sundstrøm. Uppsala 1979

US 409
ELA -- Koptskij jazyk, by A.I. Elanskaja. Moskva 1964

US 610
MEH -- Medical doctors, by Theresa El-Mehairy. Leiden 1984

US 630
MAS -- Al-Mas'alah al-falahiyah wa-al-zira'iyah fi Misr. al-Qahirah 1992
OWE -- The impact of land reform on Egyptian agriculture, 1952-1965, by Jiryis Sbetan Oweis. Ann Arbor 1970 (Mikroform)

US 720
BAY -- Housing and urban development in Egypt, by Mohsen Abou-Baker Bayad. [Copenhagen] 1979.
TAY -- 'Il-mahba' raqam talattasar, by Mahmud Taymur. København 1979

US 792
MAC -- Wspóchzesny dramat egipski, by Ewa Machut-Mendecka. Warszawa 1984.
SAD -- The Egyptian theatre in the nineteenth century, by P.C. Sadgrove. London 1996

US 809
BAD -- Dirasah naqdiyah muqarinah li-shi'r 'Abbas Mahmud al-'Aqqad, by Zaynab al-Fatih al-Badawi. al-Khartum 1990
HUS -- Au delà du Nil, by Taha Husayn. 1977
KIR -- Sovremennaia egipetskaia proza, by V. N. Kirpichenko. Moskva 1986.
RAM -- The novels of an Egyptian Romanticist: Yusuf al-Siba'i, by Gail Ramsay. Edsbruk 1996
VIA -- Le personnage de la femme dans le roman et la nouvelle en Egypte de 1914 à 1960, by Charles Vial. Damas 1979

US 890
BUR -- Arabic Proverbs, by John Lewis Burckhardt. London 1875
CON -- Arab folk epic and identity, by Bridget Connelly. Berkeley 1986

US 895
ART -- Contes populaires inédits de la vallée du Nil, by Ya'qub Artin. Paris 1968

US 898
HUS -- Universitetsår i Kairo, by Taha Husayn. Lidingö 1957

US 899
ABD -- Al-Nafidhah al-gharbiyah, by Muhammad 'Abd al-Halim 'Abd Allah. al-Qahirah n.d.
BA -- Uziris, by 'Ali Ahmad Ba Kathir. al-Qahirah n.d. [1985]
FAR -- Intisar al-mansurah, by 'Abd al-Sattar Ahmad Farraj. |al-Qahirah] 1973
HAK -- Al-Sultan al-ha'ir, by Tawfiq al-Hakim. al-Qahirah n.d. [1988]
HAK -- By vid Nilen, by Tawfiq al-Hakim. Lidingö 1975
HAK -- 'Awdat al-ruh, by Tawfiq al-Hakim. 2 bd. al-Qahirah n.d. [1988]
HEN -- Pour un conscience sacrilège, by Georges Henein. Le Caire 1986 (Småskrift)
IDR -- A laysa ka-dhalika, by Yusuf Idris. al-Qahirah n.d. [1985]
IDR -- Al-'Askari al-aswad, by Yusuf Idris. al-Qahirah n.d.
IDR -- Iktishaf qarrah, by Yusuf Idris. al-Qahirah n.d. [1983]
IDR -- Rings of Burnished Brass, by Yusuf Idris. London 1984
IDR -- Hadithah sharaf, by Yusuf Idris. al-Qahirah n.d.
MAH -- Al-'A'ish fi al-haqiqah, by Najib Mahfuz. al-Qahirah n.d. [1985]
MAH -- Rihlat Ibn Fattumah, by Najib Mahfuz. al-Qahirah n.d.
MAH -- Shahr al-'asal, by Najib Mahfuz. al-Qahirah n.d.
MAH -- Sabah al-ward, by Najib Mahfuz. al-Qahirah n.d. [1987]
RAS -- Journal d'un pauvre fonctionnaire, by Ahmed Rassim. Le Caire 1985 (Småskrift)

US 900
BUT -- Desert and river in Nubia, by Karl W. Butzer. Madison 1968
FUA -- Al-Dalil al-jughrafi, by Hasan Fu'ad. al-Qahirah 1941 (Fotokopi)

US 901
COW -- Cairo. A practical guide, by Deborah Cowley. Cairo 1988

US 909
BAE -- Grundlagen zur systematischen Erfassung koptischer Textilien, by Martin Baerlocher. Basel 1983
LAN -- An account of the manners and customs of the modern Egyptians written in Egypt during the years 1833-35, by Edward William Lane. London 1978
LAN -- Manners and Customs of the Modern Egyptians. , by Edward William Lane. London 1963
RAS -- Ægypten eller Misr, by Vilhelm Rasmussen. København 1931

US 915
KRE -- Aegypten, by Alfred von Kremer. 2 i 1 bd. Leipzig 1863
MAS -- Description de l'Egypte, by Jean-Baptiste Le Mascrier. 2 bd. La Haye 1740 (Fotokopi)

US 920
ABD -- Ur 'Abd Allah b. 'Abd ez-Zâhir's biografi över sultanen el-Melik el-Asrâf Halîl, by 'Abd Allah Ibn 'Abd al-Zahir. Lund 1902 (Fotokopi)
AGA -- Jamal 'Abd al-Nasir, by A. Agarchev. Musku 1983
AMI -- Hayati, by Ahmad Amin. [al-Qahirah] 1952
HAM -- Sa'ad Zaghlul, by Yusuf al-Hamadi. al-Qahirah n.d. (Småskrift)
HAM -- Taha Husayn, by Yusuf al-Hamadi. al-Qahirah n.d. (Småskrift)
LAC -- Nasser, by Jean Lacouture. Stockholm 1971
NAG -- Egyptens ødesvæg, by Mohammed Naguib. Stockholm 1955
SAD -- In search of identity, by Anwar Sadat. New York c1978
SAD -- The public diary of President Sadat, by Anwar Sadat. 3 bd. Leiden 1979
STE -- Nasser, by Robert Stephens. London 1971

US 930
ABU -- Cairo, by Janet L. Abu-Lughod. Princeton, N.J. 1971
HOL -- Egypt and the Fertile Crescent 1516-1922, by Peter Malcolm Holt. Ithaca, N.Y. 1969
MAJ -- Al-majallah al ta'rikhiyah al-misriyah. Fl. Cairo 1948 - 1969 (Mikroform)
POL -- Political and social change in modern Egypt. London 1968
SAY -- A short history of modern Egypt, by Alaf Lutfi Sayyid-Marsot. Cambridge 1985
STA -- Conquest and fusion, by Susan Jane Staffa. Leiden 1977
VAT -- The history of Egypt, by Panayiotos J. Vatikiotis. London 1980

US 931
ABD -- Development, income distribution and social change in rural Egypt. 1952-1970, by Mahmud 'Abd al-Fadil. Cambridge 1975
BAE -- A history of landownership in modern Egypt 1800-1950, by Gabriel Baer. London 1962
BOW -- Report on Egypt and Candia, by Sir John Bowring. London 1840 (Fotokopi)
EGY -- Egypt's agricultural development, 1800-1980. Boulder, Colo. 1982
HAS -- The agricultural policy of Egypt 1922-1992, by Jan Hasselberg. Bergen 1995 (Avhandling)
MAB -- The Egyptian economy 1952-1972, by Robert Mabro. Oxford 1974
MAB -- The industrialization of Egypt, 1939-1973, by Robert Mabro. Oxford 1976.
OBR -- The revolution in Egypt's economic system, by O'Brien. London, New York [etc.] 1966
SAA -- The Egyptian agrarian reform 1952-1962, by Gabriel S. Saab. London 1967

US 940
BEC -- Beiträge zur Geschichte Ägyptens unter dem Islam, by Carl Heinrich Becker. 2 bd. Strassburg 1902

US 950
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