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    The Nordic Society is an independent association for researchers in the Nordic countries who work on the Middle East and Islamic world. It covers all subjects in the humanist and social sciences, from antiquity to the present day. Currently, the Society has some 200 members in the four countries of Denmark, Finland, Sweden and Norway. You will on this web page find information about the Society's conferences and other activities; a full-text archive of its earlier newsletter, as well as other information from surveys and research.

    Recent events

    8th Nordic conference, September 2010

    In 2010, the eighth conference of the Nordic Society was held in Bergen, 24-26 September 2010. The theme was the relationship between the peoples and groups within the Middle East and the outside world. The conference emphasized translocal relations and its effects on social, cultural, educational, religious and other transformations. See the conference website:


    Ph.D. Workshop, June 2008

    The Nordic Society organized the second Nordic Ph.D. workshop in the Middle East, in Cairo and Alexandria 2 - 8 June 2008, with the topics "The New Arabic media", and "How are our sources created?". Twelve phd students from the Nordic countries attended.

    7th Nordic conference, September 2007

    The seventh Nordic conference on Middle Eastern Studies took place in Helsinki, 21-23 September 2007. Further information about the conference can be found at the conference web site

    European co-operation

    The Nordic Society is an integral part of the European Association for Middle Eastern Studies (Eurames), and currently hosts the Eurames web server.

    In the period 2010-2013, the board of the Society
    is as follows:

    Leif Stenberg (Lund, chairman)
    Pernilla Myrne (Gothenburg)
    Ehab Galal (Copenhagen)
    Dietrich Jung (Odense)
    Hannu Juusola (Helsinki)
    Anitta Kynsilehto (Tampere)
    Jørgen Jensehagen (Oslo)
    Liv Tønnesen (Bergen)

    The address of the Society is:

      Nordic Society for Middle Eastern Studies
      Centre for Middle Eastern Studies
      University of Bergen
      P.O. Box 7805
      N-5020 Bergen, NORWAY

    tel: +47-5558 2647, fax +47-5558 9891
    e-mail: post@smi.uib.no

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