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    Papers from the Third Nordic Conference on Middle Eastern Studies, Joensuu June 1995

    Edited by M'hammed Sabour and Knut S. Vikør


    Ethnic encounter

    • M'hammed Sabour : The North African intellectual diaspora in the Nordic countries: The socio-political factors of expatriation (1)
    • Sadri Bensmaïl : La Ville comme lieu du changement des pratiques et de représentation idéologique. Dialogue et affrontements interculturels en Algérie (17)
    • Dag Jørund Lønning : Israeli ways of conceptualising the enemy and implications for Israeli-Palestinian grass-roots dialogue (36)
    • Haseeb Shehadeh : The Hebrew of the Arabs in Israel (in the light of two matriculation examinations, 1970, 1972) (49)
    • Tapani Harviainen : Signs of new life in Karaim communities (72)
    • R.G. Landa : Les Musulmans dans l'histoire de la Russie (84)
    • Erlend H. Hvoslef : Tribalism and modernity in Kirgizia (96)
    • Nicolai N. Dyakov : Les confréries religieuses du Maghreb et du Caucase du nord comme facteur ethno-social à l'époque de l'expansion étrangère (109)
    • Pekka Masonen : Trans-Saharan trade and the West African discovery of the Mediterranean (116)
    • Øystein S. LaBianca : Indigenous hardiness structures and state formation in Jordan :Towards a history of Jordan's resident Arab population (143)
    • Aini Linjakumpu : Islam on-line. Muslim women defined by the multicultural Internet community (158)

    • Nelli Kopola : Constructions of Algerian women: Citizenship, participation and practice (164)
    • Ahmed M. Jiyad : The social balance sheet of privatization in the Arab countries (179)
    • Martin Hvidt : Modernizing the Egyptian irrigation system: Will the new technology take root in society? (209)
    • Lars Wåhlin : The family cistern: 3,000 years of household water collection in Jordan (233)
    • Helle Lykke Nielsen : Acquisition order in Arabic as a foreign language: A cognitive approach (250)

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    Publication date: Already published (1997)
    viii, 270 pp.; £ 18, ISBN 185065-311-9.


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